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Facebook killer video scam spreads between social networkers

A new scam has spread quickly across Facebook this weekend, pretending to be a link to a TV news report about an alleged Facebook killer. Here’s a typical message that has been seen spreading between social networking users: (BREAKING NEWS) Facebook-Killer [LINK] 07-29-2011 – News ?epo?ts of a ma? they are calling the ‘Facebook Killer’

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Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. The easiest method is to be a celebrity. It doesn’t matter if you tweet anything interesting, you’ll probably find a fair number of people will follow you regardless. Alternatively, you could try to tweet something that people find useful or amusing or informative on

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Profile Stalkers on Facebook? Check out the viral scam that’s spreading

Another scam is being spammed out across Facebook, tricking users into helping its spread by fooling them into believing they will discover who is secretly viewing their profile. Using a cartoon image of what appears to be a chimpanzee looking through binoculars, the messages are being sent from other Facebook users who have already fallen

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Facebook Dislike button spreads fast, but is a fake – watch out!

Don’t be too quick to click on links claiming to “Enable Dislike Button” on Facebook, as a fast-spreading scam has caused problems for social networking users this weekend. Messages claiming to offer the opposite to a like button have been appearing on many Facebook users’ walls: Facebook now has a dislike button! Click ‘Enable Dislike

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Banned Lady Gaga video attack spreads on Twitter via rogue app

Published by in Social, Technology on April 30th, 2011

Watch out for tweets about a banned Lady Gaga video, currently spreading across the Twitter network. The tweets are being posted by rogue applications, that users are allowing to access their profiles in the belief that they will get to view a prohibited video of Lady Gaga VIDEO PROHIBIDO LADY GAGA banned [LINK] @shakira @ladygaga

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Yahoo India to Launch Search Direct within 2011

Published by in Social, Technology on April 4th, 2011

Will give predictive search results as you type keywords in the search bar Like they say, better late than never. A good half a year after Google launched interactive prediction based search feedback service Instant, Yahoo India just announced that it will launch its own version of Instant dubbed Search Direct. Don’t hold your breath

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