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5 Things Never To Do On


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So you’re at the figurative checkout counter of, groceries and gadgets and George Foreman grill in your e-shopping cart, and you’re ready to charge your credit card. As you hover your mouse cursor over the final “Purchase” button, however, a single drop of nervous sweat forms above your temple. The question materializes in your mind, as you begin to fret: “Am I paying too much for this stuff?”

On Amazon, or any online shopping store, finding the lowest price can be difficult, not to mention nerve-wracking. That’s why we’ve put together these four things you should always remember when shopping on Amazon. The tips herein should help you make better purchasing decisions and ensure that you’re buying your items at an optimal time and price.

Here are our four best tips and tricks for shopping on Amazon. Your wallet (if it could, in fact, both talk and experience a feeling of gratitude) will thank you later:


Some Must Follow Google+ Pages


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Now, companies large and small — from Coca-Cola and The New York Times to your local bike shop or animal shelter — can set up their own Google+ profiles and connect with other users. Already, some pages have attracted thousands of followers. (Mashable’s Google+ page, for example, currently boasts just under 30,000.)

Google’s social network has experienced remarkable growth since its launch over the summer. The company announced in October that Google+ membership had reached 40 million, and the web giant continues to pursue new customers by gradually integrating its various web products with Google+. Earlier this month, Google rolled out a new Google+ sharing button for YouTube and new Google+ extensions for the Google Chrome browser. In addition, a ” target=”_hplink”>controversial update to Google Reader recently tied the product more closely to Google+, although users didn’t take to the change as willingly as they seem to have welcomed Google+ Pages.


Access Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar Without Internet

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Want to access your Gmail without an Internet connection? There is now an app for that.

A Chrome app, to be precise.

Airplane passengers and wilderness hikers are rejoicing the world over, as Google has announced the imminent return of Offline Mode to Gmail, Google Docs and Google Calendar. First introduced in January 2009 for Gmail, offline mode was axed following Google’s elimination of Google Gears in March 2011.

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Internet Explorer Users Have Lower IQs Than Users Of Other Browsers, Survey Finds

Are users of Internet Explorer the dumbest on the Internet?

Findings from a survey conducted by Vancouver consulting firm AptiQuant suggest just that. The company gave IQ tests to over 100,000 people, found randomly through user searches and targeted advertising; the test-takers did not know they were being judged based on what browser they were using.

Though no significant differences were found across the IQs of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users, the study did find that “subjects using any version of Internet Explorer ranked significantly lower on average than others.” Ouch.

Here is the damning chart:


Google Dumps Google Toolbar For Firefox

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Google has been doing some major housecleaning: The web giant announced Wednesday that it would be shuttering Google Labs, an online incubator of experimental products. Thursday, Google alerted its users in a brief blog post that it was effectively phasing out its Google Toolbar for Firefox, a feature that users could install in their Firefox browser for easy access to, Gmail, sharing, and other services (See screenshot below).

Google wrote, “While Google Toolbar for Firefox works on versions up to and including Firefox 4 only, it will not be supported on Firefox 5 and future versions.”


5 Things to Know About WordPress 3.2


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Post from Mashable , Authored by Christina Warren.

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Self-hosted users got a nice surprise on Independence Day with the release of WordPress 3.2, “Gershwin.”

WordPress 3.2 is the fifteenth major WordPress release in the project’s eight-year history. The focus in this release was to make things faster, lighter and more streamlined.

We’ve spent some time with WordPress 3.2, both in its various betas and in the final version, and put together this guide to what’s new, improved and enhanced.