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Google Dumps Google Toolbar For Firefox

Google has been doing some major housecleaning: The web giant announced Wednesday that it would be shuttering Google Labs, an online incubator of experimental products. Thursday, Google alerted its users in a brief blog post that it was effectively phasing out its Google Toolbar for Firefox, a feature that users could install in their Firefox

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Firefox 5 Beta Released For Desktop And Android

Though Mozilla‘s increasingly popular web browser just got a refresh in March with the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla developers have been hard at work and have already cranked out another beta release. Firefox 5, announced on Tuesday, is now available for desktop devices running Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as for Android handsets. A

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coming soon mozilla’s firefox 4 beta 8

Firefox will soon release its browser Firefox 4 Beta 8 by the end of this month. Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox 4 Beta 8 which will soon hit market will promise users faster speed for page loading and graphics. It also promises improved hardware acceleration for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as well as some

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