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How To Check If Your Email Was Affected By The Yahoo Breach

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More details are surfacing about the security breach at Yahoo that led to approximately 450,000 account logins and passwords being revealed online in plain text, including the fact that thousands of accounts with other services — Gmail and Hotmail among them — may also be exposed.

So how can you tell if you’re among the hacked? Tech Crunch has pointed to the security source Securi, a web monitoring site, where users can verify whether they’re among the victims of the leak.

Click here to visit Securi and see if your own information was compromised.

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Yoga Teacher, Fired From Job At Facebook Over Smartphone Ban

Kept graffitti in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kept graffitti in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s common practice to be asked to turn off your smartphone during a fitness class. But one Bay Area yoga instructor’s device ban cost her a job at Facebook.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Alice Van Ness routinely started her classes at the social networking company’s Menlo Park campus with a request that students stow their phones.

In March, one student started fiddling with her device at the front of the class while in the middle of an acrobatic half-moon pose, MSNBC reports.

Although Van Ness didn’t say anything to the student, she did give a disapproving look. And the look didn’t go unnoticed.


Facebook to target ads based on what mobile apps we use

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Do you use your Facebook account to log onto places like LinkedIn and Yelp from your phone?

If so, get ready to start seeing ads in your mobile device’s Facebook News Feed that will be targeted based on your mobile app usage.

Here’s how it will work, according to the Wall Street Journal: if you like to play Zynga Inc.’s “Words with Friends,” your mobile News Feed will soon target you with ads for yet more Zynga games.


Startup Lets You Unsubscribe to All Newsletter Mailing Lists at Once, which started as a simple hack for unsubscribing to emails, is the startup behind this improvement, and it’s launching a redesigned product on Monday. For the first time, users can compile the newsletters they do want to receive into a one-email-per-day digest.


LinkedIn Acquires Smart Email Startup Rapportive

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Rapportive, a startup that makes a Gmail add-on that displays social media info about contacts as you email them, confirmed on Wednesday that it had been purchased by LinkedIn.

Rahul Vohra, CEO of Rapportive, confirmed the acquisition on the company’s blog. “In business, partnership is dating — and we went on a lot of dates with LinkedIn. Slowly, but surely, we fell in love,” Vohra wrote. Vohra wrote that despite the new ownership, Rapportive will continue building its product. “At LinkedIn, we will support Rapportive, and we will continue to build beautiful products that make you brilliant with people.”


LinkedIn Revenue Increases 105 Percent

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LinkedIn provided further evidence of online networking’s popularity and moneymaking potential with a fourth-quarter performance that got a glowing review on Wall Street.

The results announced Thursday indicate LinkedIn Corp. is playing an increasingly influential role in the employment market as millions more people post their resumes there. The professional-networking service has been turning into a digital rolodex for headhunters and job seekers alike.

LinkedIn added another 14 million profiles during the final three months of last year to bring its total membership to 145 million. Meanwhile, more companies have been paying to get additional access to LinkedIn’s membership as the U.S. economy has been steadily adding jobs in recent months.

LinkedIn gets more than two-thirds of its revenue from fees it charges companies, recruiting services and other people who want broader access to the profiles and other data on the company’s website. The rest comes from advertising.