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8 Email Mistakes to Avoid


Conversation (Photo credit: Peter Nijenhuis)

These blunders are more than just productivity killers; they will also make you look pretty foolish.

Knowing your way around your email inbox is, of course, crucial if you want to get anything done. But it’s also necessary to avoid making a fool of yourself with silly (and unfortunately all too common) communication mistakes. Here’s a list of the most common email blunders to avoid:

1. Not including the email thread in your reply.

Think about how many emails you receive every day. When you’re communicating with dozens of people a day, sometimes you forget where you were in a particular conversation or what the conversation was even about, right? So it’s nice to be able to skim through the previous emails to refresh yourself before responding. Do your recipients a favor and include the whole thread when responding. Although deleting the thread declutters the email and makes it appear less lengthy, in the end, it just creates confusion for the recipient.


How to Create and Remember Strong Passwords

Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number g...

Cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article was updated from one that appears on after the Yahoo password breach on July 12, 2012

A strong and confidential password is essential, not just for financial sites, but for social networking sites too. With social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, there’s the danger of people faking their way into the site and posting something embarrassing about you or others. They could use your account for hate speech or to bully or defame another person or put something on your site that jeopardizes your reputation or even your safety. Another risk is that they could use your online profile to assume your identity as part of a con, such as logging into a person’s Facebook account and using it to solicit money from his friends to a “friend” out of a tight spot.


Things you should never do in office

The Office cast in the third season

The Office cast in the third season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are lot of people who and a lot of articles/books that will tell you what you must do in office. But there will be very few who tell you what not to do.

This is where we come in. Every office has its set of dos and don’ts, but then there is also a set of general don’ts that you need to keep in mind. We are here to list these general don’ts for you and we are sure they will help you stay clear of getting embarrassed in office.

  • Peep into someone’s laptop/desktop :-

The most annoying person in office is the one who peeps into his colleagues laptop screen. Make sure you are not this annoying person. No matter the urge to see what other people are up to, you must save yourself the embarrassment of being labelled the office’s peeping tom. 


The Most Click-Worthy Types of Blog Posts


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Whether you blog for a hobby or blog for business/professional purposes…more likely than not one of your main goals is to get your word out there and draw as much traffic as you can to your posts. So if you are new to the blogosphere or maybe have found yourself in a bit of a blogging rut, be sure to check out the following basic types of blog ideas so that you can get to composing your most click-worthy posts yet:

  • Round-up Posts –  This type of blog post is one of the most popular kinds found on the internet—and the good news is that they are some of the simplest to create! Round-up your content into a list that outlines, “The Top 10 Reasons…,” “The 7 Least Likely Places…,” or “The 100 Best of…”—you get the idea here, the possibilities are endless!

By joemorris

Facebook Safety: How to Protect Yourself from Online Dangers

facebook engancha

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In our world today, it’s likely that you’ve heard of a little website by the name of “Facebook.” And if you haven’t, then you probably have been living under a rock. So with the phenomenon that is the largest social networking platform on the web, we are provided the chance to be more connected than ever before—and although being connected via Facebook allows for convenience, fun and other great opportunities, it unfortunately also fosters the misfortune of encountering individuals who aren’t connected for the same, good intentions as you…

Because the internet creates a place where anonymity is easy to obtain and take advantage of, you never know who you could be interacting with…or who could be checking out every detail of your Facebook profile. So before logging on to post pictures, write on a friend’s wall or “like” the page of your favorite band, be sure to check out the following ways that you can protect yourself on Facebook:


How Guest Posts Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportun...In today’s world consumed by the internet, nearly everyone with access to a computer and a passion for keystroking their every thought, idea and inspiration has a blog. So because of the influx of bloggers and with the phenomenon that is the blogosphere, there has also come an expansive platform for successfully promoting all types of online businesses.

Creating online articles as a guest poster can be a powerful promotional tool that any company or website owner can take advantage of for the purpose of branding a name and increasing the amount of traffic flow to a site. By contributing well written posts to various blogs and sites across the web, you are able to share valuable information with readers and promote your company by imbedding a link back to your site.

As the owner of a website, I’ve found that one of the best methods for encouraging internet users to visit my page is through guest posting. For those looking for new ways to market your company and drive cyber traffic your direction, learn about the process and gain some insight as to why more and more businesses are using guest posts as an opportunity for growth…