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How Guest Posts Can Drive Traffic to Your Website

Tim Berners-Lee: The World Wide Web - Opportun...In today’s world consumed by the internet, nearly everyone with access to a computer and a passion for keystroking their every thought, idea and inspiration has a blog. So because of the influx of bloggers and with the phenomenon that is the blogosphere, there has also come an expansive platform for successfully promoting all types of online businesses.

Creating online articles as a guest poster can be a powerful promotional tool that any company or website owner can take advantage of for the purpose of branding a name and increasing the amount of traffic flow to a site. By contributing well written posts to various blogs and sites across the web, you are able to share valuable information with readers and promote your company by imbedding a link back to your site.

As the owner of a website, I’ve found that one of the best methods for encouraging internet users to visit my page is through guest posting. For those looking for new ways to market your company and drive cyber traffic your direction, learn about the process and gain some insight as to why more and more businesses are using guest posts as an opportunity for growth…

The benefits of guest posting:

• Guest posting allows you to target your traffic. Because you pick the blogs you want to post on, you can target a specific audience for your business by choosing ones with a similar theme and followers that you would like to gain.

• Guest posting is great for SEO. When you post your article on someone else’s blog, you do it for free but in return the blog owner will grant you a link back to your website. Over time these backlinks will raise the value of your site to search engines like Google and Bing, making your content easier to find…and making you and your business more successful.

• Guest posting builds your reputation. When you get the chance to blog on well-known blogs and you continue to write good posts that are being published, people will recognize your name and your company’s popularity will be sure to skyrocket. By making friends with bloggers via guest posting, you will create relationships based on the value you are adding to their site.

• Guest posting introduces you to new communities. One of the greatest benefits of guest posting is that it enables you to gain a presence in new communities to share your message. If you are publishing posts that are meaningful and chalk-full of information, you will create a platform for discussion, enabling you to interact with people who might be able to benefit from your own product or services.

How it’s done:

Step 1: To find relevant blog, type chosen keywords into a Google search and then check the page rank of the site to see if it’s worth taking the time to post. As previously stated, it is important that the blogs you choose have an audience similar to the kind you are trying to attract. Check out the page ranking of the potential host blog by using a page rank tracker—obviously the more successful the blog, the more successful your post will be in accumulating new business. I normally shoot for blogs with rankings of a 3 or higher.

Step 2: Review the blog and see if they accept guest posts. If so then do a thorough job researching the blog to see what style of writing is used and what topics have and have not been covered.

Step 3: Send an informal email stating who you are and pitching your idea along with links to other articles that you’ve written to show your credibility. While keeping your message short and to the point, be sure to invoke confidence by letting the blogger know that you are certain you can create a great piece for their site.

Step 4: If the blog host okays your idea, proceed to compose the best post that you can. Make sure that it fits with the theme and general style of the site and write something as close to publish-ready as possible. Submit resourceful and quality information so that the readers will have a desire to find out more and click on over to your page. With that being said, don’t forget to include a link to your website. I normally do this in the author’s bio at the end of my articles, or you can also use a hyperlink in the post itself.

Step 5: If you submit your guest post and don’t hear back from the blogger on its status, I normally give them about five days before following up. If you still don’t hear back, follow up one more time and ask them to let you know if they are going to publish it or not. Should they decline your article, keep it so that you can post it elsewhere.

Sabrina Jackson is a guest post author who shares with us this post about the benefits of guest posting. In addition, Sabrina also owns Free Dating Sites for Women where she offers tips for safely dating on the internet.

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