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3 Ways Young People Are Impacting Green Policies and Changes Around The World

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We only have one planet Earth and because of this we need to take care of it. Unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to the destruction of the environment and it’s up to us to cut down on or eliminate destructive habits that are hurting our planet. Around the world, many young people are realizing it’s up to them to save the earth and this realization is having a major impact on green policies and changes around the world in the following ways.

  • New Ideas –  The youth of today have a fresh outlook that is helping to encourage environmental change. There are many outdated environmental policies in place today, and young people are helping to update these policies with fresh ideas.
  • Use Of Technology –  Through the use of technology, young people have been impacting green policies around the world. Today’s young people are amongst the first to use the internet to inform and educate people about the environment. Also, young people use the internet to organize and vote on environmental policies and this has made a major impact on green policy changes.


Main Reasons to Unsubscribe from Writing Happiness


Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Writing is an important activity required for different purposes. While some write for an earning, there are those who write because they simply enjoy the activity. Writing helps in sharping the mind of an individual. It helps in inventing new ideas and concepts. And more importantly, it improvises the overall vocabulary level of an individual. Also, writing is a good and healthy engagement. But often a lot of people start to unsubscribe from writing happiness. They suddenly lose interest and love from this beautiful activity. But why such a negative attitude? What can be the reason?
Well, this article will discuss about the necessary evils responsible for causing lethargy and unhappiness to writing.


FCC Fines Google $25,000

Seal of the United States Federal Communicatio...

Seal of the United States Federal Communications Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Federal Communications Commission has fined Google $25,000, saying the online search leader impeded an investigation into how it collected data while taking photos for its “Street View” mapping feature.

The FCC said in a report from Friday that Google Inc. “deliberately impeded and delayed” the investigation for months. The agency said that the online search leader did this by not responding to requests for information and documents.

At the same time, the FCC said it will not take action against Google over its data collection. Part of the reason for that is that it still has “significant factual questions” about the Street View project that haven’t been answered. To get some answers, the FCC had subpoenaed a Google engineer who developed the software code that the company used to collect and store data. But the engineer, who is not named in the report, declined to testify, invoking his Fifth Amendment rights against incriminating himself.

In a statement, Mountain View, Calif.-based Google said it disagrees with the FCC’s characterization of its cooperation with the investigation and will be filing a response.


Checking In on Foursquare

Logo for Foursquare

Image via Wikipedia

There are numerous diverse apps and social networking apps and it’s tough to keep up with which ones are worth downloading and using. Meet Foursquare, it’s all about checking in at a certain location, whether that is a movie theater, restaurant or hospital. Here are a few reasons you should start checking in as soon as possible:


Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print edition after 244 years

Cover of "Britannica Encyclopedia (Encycl...

Cover of Britannica Encyclopedia (Encyclopaedia)

“The Encyclopaedia Britannica”, the world’s most famous print encyclopedia, has announced that after 244 years in print, it is no longer going to make new physical copies of its flagship publication. The 32-volume, $1,395 edition that the Chicago-based company put out in 2010 was its last; future versions will live entirely online.This is an announcement that had been coming - according to the Financial Times, only 8,500 copies of the most recent edition were printed. The first edition appeared in 1768, in Scotland.

Media Decoder, the New York Times blog, broke the story this afternoon, quoting Jorge Cauz, president of the Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., as saying “Some people will feel sad about it and nostalgic about it. But we have a better tool now. The website is continuously updated, it’s much more expansive and it has multimedia.”


Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales: ‘Failure Is The Key To Success’

What’s Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales‘ one tip for success? Ans - Fail.

A photo of Jimmy Wales used in the 2008 Wikime...

In a speech on Tuesday, Wales told the Hult International Business School that you have to be willing to make mistakes to build anything of value.

“The way I got here is through failure,” Wales said. “For a lot of my projects I should have quit a lot sooner.”

Wales also admitted that the Wikimedia organisation, which runs the collaborative encyclopaedia Wikipedia and other sites, had to become more diverse to survive.

“We do think we need more diversity in our community,” he said.

Wales told students that he was proud of Wikipedia’s decision to shut down its service for one day to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act (Sopa), which critics say would have imposed unhealthy restrictions on Internet freedom.

Wales said: “The act would have set certain precedents that are really bad”.