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Main Reasons to Unsubscribe from Writing Happiness


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Writing is an important activity required for different purposes. While some write for an earning, there are those who write because they simply enjoy the activity. Writing helps in sharping the mind of an individual. It helps in inventing new ideas and concepts. And more importantly, it improvises the overall vocabulary level of an individual. Also, writing is a good and healthy engagement. But often a lot of people start to unsubscribe from writing happiness. They suddenly lose interest and love from this beautiful activity. But why such a negative attitude? What can be the reason?
Well, this article will discuss about the necessary evils responsible for causing lethargy and unhappiness to writing.
Reason 1: Writing without any purpose

If someone writes for a certain purpose, then interest grows. But, if there is no purpose for the writing, then a time will come when the activity will seem to be a burden and extremely boring. Look at those professional content writers. They write for an earning. Apart from earning, they probably love the job. Content writers have the opportunity to research on various topics. Similarly, there are those who regularly maintain blog sites. They don’t write for an earning. Rather, writing is a passion for them. They love the activity. Through words, they want to bring before the world several issues and events. So, it can be clearly seen that every individual who continues with the writing activity has a certain goal/purpose in mind. If that particular purpose is lagging, then unsubscribing from writing happiness is bound to happen.

Reason 2: Lacking in effective communication

Without the presence of effective communication, writing job will become meaningless. Let’s clarify it a bit more. Any writing should have a perfect clarity. This will help the reader in understanding the written phrase or article easily. However, clarity does not mean inclusion of hard to comprehend words and phrases. Writing should be expressive. Only then the reader will be impressed. Adding the very best of Shakespearean languages will never be able to impress a reader. Keep it simple and easy to understandable.Only then more readers will visit a blog site or read the journals where the writing is published. Otherwise, scenarios can be seriously negative.

Reason 3: No clear purpose for blogging

When maintaining a blog site, there should be a particular theme to follow. Every single article being posted in the blog site should be from a particular genre. Say for example, it is a PC games oriented blog site. Then, the site should contain information and article post related to computer games. If there is very minimal content on computer games, and more posts on other topics, then the blog site will soon lose out of traffic. As a result, most of the readers who had once subscribed to the site will soon start to unsubscribe from this particular site. So, be particular about the blog theme and post contents accordingly to ensure readers don’t lose interest from the site.
So, please focus on these reasons to ensure that writing unhappiness does not occur. Take time to think about the Reasons mentioned above. A writer should never accept defeat. Throw away the unhappiness and start writing with more gist and enthusiasm.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves reading, travelling and happy to stay at Luxury homes. She loves to know how to decorate a Luxury home at bornrich.