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7 Reasons College Students Make the Best Bloggers


So, you want to start a blog? The only problem is the fact that you’re in college. With exams to study for, extra curriculars taking up your time, and way too many parties eating up your social schedule, it can be hard to justify starting a blog for no reason other than a slight curiosity. However, this college lifestyle that you think is keeping you from blogging is actually one of the main things that will make you a great blogger. College students have the potential to make some of the best kinds of bloggers. From constant access to the freedom of youth, to the ability to speak your mind and understand the world around you, there is good reason to think twice before discounting a blogging career while in college. Read on for what makes college students such excellent bloggers:

1. Constant access to youth.

Youth is always the heartbeat of culture. When you’re a blogger, you most definitely want to keep your finger on what young people think is interesting and worth their time. As a college student, you have access to youth at all times and you are constantly part of a culture that sets the standards for others.

2. In touch with the latest trends.

Because college students are around young people day in and day out, knowledge of the latest trends is almost inevitable. Even if it isn’t your cup of tea, you will have first-hand experience with every trendy pop song, internet expression, and new comedy. Unlike bloggers out of college, you will never have to go digging to find out more about new trends. They will be right at your fingertips.

3. Not afraid to make mistakes.

College students have the opportunity to live in a bubble, especially those who live on campus. Not quite yet on your own, but totally free do live how you like, college students are able to push ahead, fall, and get right back up. With the support of a college network, parents, and close friends, it’s much easier to be goofy or try new things. This is where original ideas pop up.

4. Experienced writers.

College students are constantly writing. Whether it’s a term paper or a short story for an English class, students are continuing to develop their skills as writers during college. Bloggers without a knack for the written word definitely have a more difficult time than bloggers to whom writing comes effortlessly.

5. Have a passion.

College students are a mixed breed. But, what many of them do have in common is the fact that they are all gathered around the purpose of following their interests. College is a time to grow and learn. You may enter thinking you want to do one thing with your life, but finish with a completely different plan. Either way, college students either have or are working on finding a passion. This makes for a blogger with plenty to share with the world.

6. Know how to research.

College students are required to do some heavy research. This definitely comes in handy as a blogger, because, if you want to make an argument online, you better be prepared to back it up. Knowing how to distinguish a reputable source from a flaky one and understanding how to synthesize research information is a huge asset to any blogger.

7. Know how to cite sources.

Along with knowing how to research, college students are constantly practicing citing their sources. As a rule on the web, it’s important to cite and link to any information you include in your posts. Understanding what needs to be cited and how to do it, both in academia and on the web, makes for a much more successful blogger.

Katheryn Rivas knows that sometimes online education can have a bed rep, so she aims to educate her readers exclusively on legitimate, But she still thoroughly enjoys writing about traditional education trends as well as health and fitness.  She encourages your comments.