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Small Business Social Media Tips from the Pros

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Want to take the small business to the next level? Then, it is necessary to take some quality social media tips from the pros to improve the business growth and take it to an altogether next level. Have a look below:

Tip 1: Become the “Real You” and Highlight It before the Customers

Taking help of social media networking sites like Facebook to highlight the business prospects before clients and customers. Highlight the “Real You” factor before them. Never forget to provide those occasional business tips. Get the latest blog post being linked to the social media site. But, wait! This is what all the other small business holders are doing. So, it will definitely be beneficial to show the potential clients and readers that “You” are real. How? Through regular


Social Media Guidelines for Students and Job Seekers

Social Media Week 2012 SP

Social Media Week 2012 SP (Photo credit: Fora do Eixo)

Recently I ran across a great infographic that really brought home some important facts that all students and job seekers should be aware of when it comes to social media. There are a lot of hidden dangers in the wide open world of social media that many people do not seem to be aware of. Here are some facts that you may find interesting from that infographic:

  • More than 75% of U.S. college students and young professionals check their Facebook status at least once a day.
  • 36% of young employees age 18-29 list an employer affiliation on Facebook.
  • The average young employee is friends with 16 colleges on Facebook.


The Safety Concerns of Social Media

English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...

English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People today are spending more time online and they are using social media as a way to stay connected and as a way to interact with the people around them. While social media has offered the world a great many benefits there are safety concerns that exist. The online sphere serves as a giant fishbowl. Anyone, at any time, can see into your online life and that fact prompts safety breaches. The threat becomes even more real for people who truly choose to put their entire life on the net; such as bloggers. These three issues are the biggest safety concerns brought about by the advent of social media.

1. Job Security and Legal Trouble

When you are traceable on the internet; like everyone using a social media network is, you open yourself up to scrutiny and if what is posted is embarrassing, illegal or troubling it can and will be used against you. 33% of all divorce proceedings, for example, contained the word “Facebook” in it. Lawyers, employers and even the government are using social networking sites to gather information about you. Thankfully this problem can be combated by keeping your social media sites private and knowing the people you add to your friend’s list. Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want attached to you in person.

2. Making it Easier for Criminals

The social media sphere is the perfect playground for criminals because it allows them the option to check out someone without being seen or noticed. Bloggers are especially transparent so it makes it even easier for a criminal to use information about the person for nefarious reasons. For example, each day millions of people post about their life events and make it known to the public at large when they will or will not be home. They also post data that give criminals an in to their personal identity. A burglar in the area could easily surf social media for an hour a day and find people who are vacationing, getting married, or otherwise away from their home for a period of time. This is an easy in for anyone looking for a safe target to burglarize. 


Google’s Latest Social Networking Attempt Is A Big Failure

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Image via CrunchBase

The technology has got advanced to a great extent, even; social networking phones are running on a fuel cell. But the main competition is in the field of social media network of goggle. There have been a lot of speculations that users made regarding Google’s social network known as Google Plus. With its rapid growth which surpassed other networks by 25 million in just a month, by far surpassing the growth of huge social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have achieved in their past years, it has shocked the entire online community and has even posed as a threat for the existing social media giants. However, true the figure is, it is still not enough. Google+ was still unable to draw in a huge number of followings and keep them intact in the network unlike what its giant competitors did. Google+ indeed has some unique features such as their “Hangouts” feature and other video conferencing tools which can’t be seen within any other social networks. In fact, these are truly impressive but the point here is how come that Google’s latest social networking attempt is a big failure?


Facebook Lets You Download More Of Your Data

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Image via CrunchBase

Facebook’s making more of your data available to you. The social network announced on its Privacy page on April 12 that its users will now be able to download “an expanded archive of your Facebook account history” through the updated Download Your Information feature available on the Account Settings page.

According to Facebook, the Download Your Information feature was first made available in 2010 and allows users to receive a copy of material they have shared on Facebook, including pictures, posts, messages and a list of friends and chat conversations.

By joemorris

Facebook Safety: How to Protect Yourself from Online Dangers

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Image via Wikipedia

In our world today, it’s likely that you’ve heard of a little website by the name of “Facebook.” And if you haven’t, then you probably have been living under a rock. So with the phenomenon that is the largest social networking platform on the web, we are provided the chance to be more connected than ever before—and although being connected via Facebook allows for convenience, fun and other great opportunities, it unfortunately also fosters the misfortune of encountering individuals who aren’t connected for the same, good intentions as you…

Because the internet creates a place where anonymity is easy to obtain and take advantage of, you never know who you could be interacting with…or who could be checking out every detail of your Facebook profile. So before logging on to post pictures, write on a friend’s wall or “like” the page of your favorite band, be sure to check out the following ways that you can protect yourself on Facebook: