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Social Media Guidelines for Students and Job Seekers

Social Media Week 2012 SP

Social Media Week 2012 SP (Photo credit: Fora do Eixo)

Recently I ran across a great infographic that really brought home some important facts that all students and job seekers should be aware of when it comes to social media. There are a lot of hidden dangers in the wide open world of social media that many people do not seem to be aware of. Here are some facts that you may find interesting from that infographic:

  • More than 75% of U.S. college students and young professionals check their Facebook status at least once a day.
  • 36% of young employees age 18-29 list an employer affiliation on Facebook.
  • The average young employee is friends with 16 colleges on Facebook.


7 Reasons College Students Make the Best Bloggers


So, you want to start a blog? The only problem is the fact that you’re in college. With exams to study for, extra curriculars taking up your time, and way too many parties eating up your social schedule, it can be hard to justify starting a blog for no reason other than a slight curiosity. However, this college lifestyle that you think is keeping you from blogging is actually one of the main things that will make you a great blogger. College students have the potential to make some of the best kinds of bloggers. From constant access to the freedom of youth, to the ability to speak your mind and understand the world around you, there is good reason to think twice before discounting a blogging career while in college. Read on for what makes college students such excellent bloggers:


Five thing to avoid while in college

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You are out of school and ready to take on the world. While this is the time for freedom, make sure you don’t do anything to spoil the party. Watch out for these five traps for college students.

Please check the following  Five thing to avoid while in college :-

  • Drugs – We are not saying that you are an addict, just that you are susceptible, any one is. Unless you keep a keen eye out and say a BIG no right at the first go. They may look like friendly advances or even friendly challenges, but could be a start of a deadly …
  • Borrowing or lending money – Everyone comes from a different financial background and they need to live with it, including you yourself. We know these are new friends and you would like to help the needy, but watch out. Lending or borrowing money tends to become a habit and before …


Student arrested for hacking Prime Minister’s Twitter account

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Police in Thailand have arrested a university student who is said to have admitted hacking into the Prime Minister’s Twitter account and posting messages accusing her of incompetence.

22-year-old Aekawit Thongdeeworakul, a fourth year architecture student at Chulalongkorn University, could face up to two years in prison if found guilty of illegally accessing computer systems without authorisation.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, had her Twitter account hacked last weekend – and her followers saw a stream of messages criticising her leadership.


23 Must-Have Gadgets For Students

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Summer is coming to an end and that means students across the country are prepping for the trek back to school.

Pencils, notebooks, and binders are the basic necessities for any pupil, but students shouldn’t forget to gear-up with this year’s latest tech as well. From note-taking apps and noise-canceling headphones to soda-powered alarm clocks and digital textbooks, we’ve compiled a wide-ranging list of high-tech school supplies for students to help them ease the stress of a busy schedule, study for exams, write papers, take notes in class, and much more. The items in this guide are meant to be practical, affordable, and fun.

Whether you’re in college, high school, middle school or simply a caring parent, these tech accessories will help any student achieve high-marks in class–and unwind when the cramming is over.


College Guys Who Reference Alcohol On Facebook Have More Friends

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Undergraduate men who often mention or post photos of alcohol have more Facebook friends than those who don’t, according to a study that will soon be published in the American Journal of Men’s Health.

The study combed through the public profiles of 225 male undergraduate students at one university for references to alcohol, including photos that contained an alcoholic drink — not just a cup — and specific textual references. It found that 85.53% of the profiles contained at least one reference to alcohol. On average, they contained 8.5.

Men older than 21 made about 4.5 times as many references to alcohol on their profiles than younger men did. And the number of references a man posted significantly correlated with the number of Facebook friends.

How students reference drinking on Facebook is of interest to those who want to prevent collegiate alcohol abuse. The study cites research published in 2002 that shows the strongest influence of alcohol consumption rates among college students is perceived peer use (which often exceeds actual peer use). Another suggests that media may exceed traditional peer influences for forming peer social norms.

“Our hypothesis is that because alcohol in college students is a predictor of social acceptance, there could be a similar correlation in the social networking world with alcohol references…[posting alcoholic references] might be a mechanism for peer acceptance,” says Katie Egan, who led the research as an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin in 2009.

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