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Can Yebhi Stop Flipkart’s Progressive March?

Tonline_sales_640x360he world is competitive and so is the online world. In fact, the competition in the online world is even stiffer. Online stores not only enjoy wide popularity but they do face wider criticism. While promotions through media and through various channels in internet can make an online store grow pretty fast, reviews from customers’ could make or break their day. It is owing to the fact that reviews play a crucial role in the decision making of the customers. Yebhi has won many positive reviews in its short stint and it needs to be seen if it has the versatility to stop Flipkart’s progress.


Amazon keeps investing in E-Commerce, this time in Turkey

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The company was founded in 2006, and differently from most generic e-commerce and classified ads (e.g. like India’s Sahipasand) the site has decided to focus entirely on gift items such asgourmet products, jewelry and toys, providing as same-day delivery as a special service. In other words, their goal has been to become the go-to online gift shop for the Turkish population.

Headquartered in Istanbul, CicekSepeti currently employs 160 people.

The exact amount of the investment from Amazon, which joins Himmingbird Ventures in the founders’ team, is unknown.

Turkey seems to be a hot market for investors this year, after Tiger Global and KPC & Byers invested heavily in Trendyol and Quants Financial Services (a Swedish fund) entered in Grupfoni. Looking at this list, it seems also onlien shopping is getting hot again: maybe the Internet won’t be seen as a place for loans and real estate business only any more?

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Wikipedia Says It Is Losing Contributors

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Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit its entries, says it is losing contributors.

Founder Jimmy Wales says administrators are scrambling to simplify what he called “convoluted” editing templates that may be discouraging people from writing and editing Wikipedia’s entries.

In another effort to encourage volunteers to stay active, Wales says the site has introduced a new feature called WikiLove that lets users post positive feedback.

He was speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday from the website’s annual conference, held this year in Haifa, Israel.


Google+ Fastest Growing Social Network Ever – ComScore

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The Google+ project, launched on June 28, is now the fastest growing social network ever with over 25 million members, according to a report from Web tracking firm comScore.

Google+ has, so far, out-paced the meteoric rise of sites like Facebook, Twitter and Myspace, comScore vice president for industry analysis Andrew Lipsman told the AFP.

The site is also catching on globally with significant membership in India, Britain, Canada, and Germany, according to the study. A July 2011 comScore study found that Google+ had attracted “20 million visitors in 21 days” and that the United States was home to approximately 5.3 million Google+ users. India was the country with the second-highest number of users on Google+, with 2.8 million members from India.


Indian Village Changes Its Name to Nagar

A village in northern India has changed its name from that of a god to Nagar. The tiny town had good reason to, because SnapDeal, India’s version of Groupon, provided it with fresh water.

SnapDeal’s founder Kunal Bahl wanted to do something good with his company’s burgeoning profits, so like Bill Gates and his philanthropic efforts, the 28-year-old CEO looked for an opportunity where he could have the most bang for the buck.

His answer? Water. He found out that a mere $5,000 would install 15 hand pumps that would make it so the villagers wouldn’t have to walk nearly two miles just to get clean water. The result was life-changing, Bahl told CNN.