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Wikipedia Says It Is Losing Contributors

Published by pratyushkp on August 5th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit its entries, says it is losing contributors.

Founder Jimmy Wales says administrators are scrambling to simplify what he called “convoluted” editing templates that may be discouraging people from writing and editing Wikipedia’s entries.

In another effort to encourage volunteers to stay active, Wales says the site has introduced a new feature called WikiLove that lets users post positive feedback.

He was speaking to the Associated Press on Thursday from the website’s annual conference, held this year in Haifa, Israel.

As Wikipedia Turns 10, Jimmy Wales All Set To Expand Operations

Published by pratyushkp on January 14th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Ten years after making his dream debut, Jimmy Wales is all set to take his project to the next level.

Founder Jimmy Wales is all set to celebrate as his brain child,Wikipedia, a non-profit encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to or edit turns 10.The encyclopedia which is available in more than 250 languages and features around 26 million entries, boasts of 410 million unique visitors a month.

As it rings in its 10th year, there will be parties across the globe, including in New York, Boston and San Francisco. Wikipedia which recently raised USD 16 million in its latest fundraiser is also all set to expand its influence by starting operations in India and Brazil.

Wikipedia’s chief executive Sue Gardner said that the company is preparing to open its first international office, in India, where Wikipedia hopes to increase readership and articles in English and several Indian languages. After which, Wikipedia plans to extend its operations to Brazil.

“India was picked as the first base abroad in the developing world because of its fruitful environment including valuing education, free speech and a culture of intellectual debate.” Gardner added

Wikipedia All Set To Win Over Indian Users

Published by pratyushkp on November 11th, 2010 - in Social, Technology

Wikipedia plans to open an office in India.

Online Encyclopedia, wikepedia is all set opens its branch in India. In a bid to popularize the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, its founder Jimmy Wales has announced plans to open a branch in India.

Jimmy Wales, who is in India, in a bid to popularize wikepedia, has already announced its plans to set up an office in India, which would be its second office in the world after San Francisco. The Indian project is supposed to attract Indians and also to build a “strong and healthy India based projects.

According to Wales “As a media project, for me India was the perfect place because we wish to work with a variety of people and India has a lot of communities. The community in India should lead and Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) will follow them.”

He also encouraged Indians to contribute more and edit more on wikepedia.

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