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How To Check If Your Email Was Affected By The Yahoo Breach

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More details are surfacing about the security breach at Yahoo that led to approximately 450,000 account logins and passwords being revealed online in plain text, including the fact that thousands of accounts with other services — Gmail and Hotmail among them — may also be exposed.

So how can you tell if you’re among the hacked? Tech Crunch has pointed to the security source Securi, a web monitoring site, where users can verify whether they’re among the victims of the leak.

Click here to visit Securi and see if your own information was compromised.

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Another Korean data breach – GOMTV.NET spills user account data, including passwords


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Another South Korean service provider has reported a large-scale data breach, leaking usernames and passwords for subscribers worldwide.

Late last month, cybercrooks made off with the personal information of up to 35,000,000 users of popular Korean sites Nate and Cyworld.

This time, it’s the turn of Seoul-based streaming media service GOMTV to suffer a data-spilling intrusion.

(That’s ‘GOM TV’, where GOM means Gretech Online Movies, not ‘GO MTV’, where MTV means Music Television. Gretech Corporation is the Korean legal entity which sets the terms and conditions and the privacy policy to which you agree when you sign up for GOM TV.)


Twitter finally released a “Stalkers” app? No, it’s a phishing scam

Twitter users are being hit today by messages claiming to link to a new app from Twitter which will track your stalkers.

However, the messages are really designed to steal your Twitter usernames and passwords.

Here’s a typical message that users are seeing:

Twitter finally released an app that tracks your "Stalkers" get it here [LINK]


Twitter Announces New Features For Sorting Followers’ Tweets

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Twitter is in the process of that will helps you sort and view what users are saying about you and what is important to users within your network.

The changes are coming to the selection of tabbed streams (located under‘s tweet box), which let you isolate specific information from the main realtime tweet stream. Twitter will push more content to your @Mentions stream, which will now be called the @Username tab and will display your personal Twitter handle when it rolls out to your account. The site is also adding a new stream, which will live under a tab titled “Activity.”