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How to avoid having naked photos stolen by hackers

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Mila Kunis, the star of movies such as “Black Swan” and “Friends with benefits“, is the latest celebrity to be making the headlines over allegations that hackers broke into her mobile phone and stole nude photos.

In the wake of the story about nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, several gossip websites have reported that they were contacted by people offering to sell them pictures stolen from Mila Kunis.

In Kunis’s case, the images are said to have been taken from her mobile phone, and apparently show her “Friends with benefits” co-star Justin Timberlake lying on a bed topless, wearing some pink underwear on his head, and an image of Mila Kunis in the bath.


Red Arrow crashes during air show – a cold-hearted Facebook clickjacking scam

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Scammers on Facebook have once again proven themselves to be cold-hearted opportunists, unafraid to take advantage of personal tragedies for their own financial ends.

In the latest scam seen surfacing on the social network, innocent users are being tricked into believing that they will see a video of a crash at an air show which resulted in the death of a British pilot.

Flt Lt Jon Egging was killed during an RAF Red Arrows display at the Bournemouth Air Festival this weekend.

The news of the death touched many people who are fans of the world famous Red Arrows, and over 170,000 people have joined a Facebook group in Jon Egging’s memory.


How To Get A Super-Cheap TouchPad

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Following HP’s August 18 bombshell announcement that it would discontinue its poorly selling TouchPad tablet, the company decided to deeply discount the remaining devices. The company issued a note to retailers that said all units would receive a $300 price cut. After factoring in a price drop from earlier in August, the new price for 16GB units would be $99; the 32GB units would cost $149.

Ironically, the repriced tablets are now a hot commodity–if you can find one.

HP’s website currently sports a sale page for the discounted tablets. Though the tablets were out of stock (online and in stores) in the United States on Sunday, more are apparently on the way, according to a notice on the site, which advises customers to “check back soon.”

Users can sign up for an email alert to find out when more devices are available.


Google StreetView Starts Mapping The Amazon

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Armchair travelers rejoice! Google StreetView has set its sights on the Amazon.

A team of Googlers are currently traveling the Amazon by boat and by bike to collect panoramic images of the River and the surrounding communities, the Telegraph reports.

The team is filming a 30-mile section of the Rio Negro River tributary from Manaus to Terra Preta, the Daily Mail reports.

The tech giant has partnered with the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS) to get footage of the rain forest and is even employing locals as tour guides–locals will pedal tricycles armed with cameras to show indigenous cultures.


Kenneth Cole Talks ‘Antisocial’ Social Media, New ‘Where Do You Stand’ Site

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 23: Designer Kenneth ...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Fashion designer Kenneth Cole’s latest project isn’t a line of shoes or a fall collection: it’s a new site, “Where Do You Stand,” that aims to spark debate on social issues, from gun control to same-sex marriage.

Where Do You Stand marks a continuation of Cole’s socially conscious—and sometimes controversial—ad campaigns that have promoted not only bags, shoes and apparel, but also political issues. For example, a past ad featured an illustration of a condom with the caption, “Our shoes aren’t the only thing we encourage you to wear.”

On the Where Do You Stand website, visitors are prompted to select one of two portals: “What You Stand For,” where people can participate in varying degrees of debate on several topics, and “What You Stand In,” which is the more fashion-oriented portion of the site consisting of video style guides hosted by editors from GQ and Vogue. A link to Kenneth Cole’s online store is featured throughout.