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50 Must Subscribe Facebook Profiles of Journalists & Bloggers

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After the launching of “SUBSCRIBE” in Facebook, Some Journalist & Blogger finds a way to communicate with a larger audience of readers by enabling Subscribe option in their Facebook profile.

Facebook also very mush excited with this tremendous features  as Naomi Gleit, Facebook’s director of product, told the Huffington Post. “Our mission is to connect people and help them share. The goal of this new feature really is to give people more control over how they do that,”

So here are Some Must Subscribe Facebook Profiles of Journalists & Bloggers.


Rip Ilya Zhitomirskiy – Co-Founder of Diaspora

Late last night, one of Diaspora‘s four co-founders, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, had passed away. With much sadness, Techcrunch now confirmed this terrible news with the Diaspora team.

Ilya was just 22. To see any member of our community pass is sad, but for one so young to go is absolutely crushing. The cause of death is currently unconfirmed.

Our sincerest condolences to Ilya’s family, friends, and the entire Diaspora team.

As Per Chunch base Diaspora is a project begun by four students at NYU’s Courant Institute. They propose to build an open-source, distributed social network as an alternative to companies such as Facebook.


Whats New in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

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On October 19 in Hong Kong, Google took the wraps off Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich), the biggest update to the company’s popular mobile operating system since the tablet-optimized Android 3.0 (aka “Honeycomb”) debuted in early 2011.

The Ice Cream Sandwich release brings a new focus on ease-of-use and aesthetics. While Android 3.0 focused solely on large-screen mobile devices, Android 4.0 improves many of those features and scales them down for use on mobile phones, too. “We tried to create a palette and a language and a sense of being that’s clean and modern and graphic, but isn’t a straightjacket.” Matias Duarte, who head Android’s user experience team, told This Is My Next. “We’ve taken what Honeycomb has done and pumped up the snooty design quotient, and we’ve toned down the geeky nerd quotient. We’ve made it a lot more accessible. But we haven’t taken it in a new direction.”


How To Use The New Facebook To See Who Unfriends You

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For many, being “unfriended” is a fate worse than death.

But it’s not something you’d know about right away.

In previous versions of Facebook, there was no easy way to see which of your “friends” had decided to sever your relationship on the social network. Sure, you could always go to their profile to check, but that required the effort of remembering who they were.

While “old Facebook” made the online friendship breakup a bit less-in-your-face, the new Facebook Timelinemakes it way easier to see who’s decided to ax your online friendship.

If you’ve already enabled your new profile, you can check it out right now.


8 Tech Startups That Could Save The World

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Could a Facebook competition encourage users to cut their utility usage? Can a mobile communication network help rural farmers share crop tips? Bringing together activists, world leaders and tech influencers, the second annual Social Good Summit seeks to answer these questions and more.

The summit, which kicked off on Monday in New York, aims to find new ways to use new media and technology to make the world a better place.

Presented by Mashable, the UN and New York nonprofit community center 92Y, the summit will host a number of events, including an inaugural “Startups for Good Challenge.” This competition showcases new businesses whose primary goal is to tackle, and solve, domestic and international issues. The organizations will compete for a chance to win a $10,000 cash prize.


Skype To Buy GroupMe, A Year-Old Group Messaging Service

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Online calling service Skype, which Microsoft said earlier this year it would acquire for $8.5 billion, announced its own acquisition on Sunday: according to a blog post from Skype CEO Tony Bates, the company is buying GroupMe, a New York-based startup just over a year old that offers users a way to send group messages from their phones.

Though Skype did not offer details on the purchase price, according to All Things Digital, Skype is paying “around $85 million for the company,” which was valued at $35 million during a $10 million round of funding raised in November of last year. Earlier this month, GroupMe, which has around 20 employees, celebrated its one-year anniversary in New York. Business Insider notes the company has “a few million users” and sends “sends more than 100 million texts per month.”