50 Must Subscribe Facebook Profiles of Journalists & Bloggers

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After the launching of “SUBSCRIBE” in Facebook, Some Journalist & Blogger finds a way to communicate with a larger audience of readers by enabling Subscribe option in their Facebook profile.

Facebook also very mush excited with this tremendous features  as Naomi Gleit, Facebook’s director of product, told the Huffington Post. “Our mission is to connect people and help them share. The goal of this new feature really is to give people more control over how they do that,”

So here are Some Must Subscribe Facebook Profiles of Journalists & Bloggers.

To turn on Subscribe, go to or check this step by step guide to enables Facebook Subscribe

  • Ann Curry, TODAY Show/NBC News
  • Brian Stelter, reporter at The New York Times
  • Ayman Mohyeldin, NBC News, Egypt Correspondent
  • Elizabeth Spiers, editor of The New York Observer
  • Brian Storm, executive producer at MediaStorm
  • Craig Kanalley, Huffington Post, senior traffic and trends editor
  • Esther Vargas, editor at Peru21
  • Pete Cashmore, CEO and founder of Mashable, CNN columnist
  • Anthony De Rosa, Social Media Editor at Reuters
  • Frank Bruni, The New York Times.
  • Liz Gannes, AllThingsD reporter
  • Jose Antonio Vargas, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist
  • Robert Scoble, Scobleizer
  • Nick Bilton, The New York Times reporter and lead technology writer
  • Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media
  • Jenna Wortham, New York Times reporter
  • Franz Strasser, video journalist at BBC News
  • Om Malik, founder of GigaOmniMedia
  • Jessica Vascellaro, Wall Street Journal repoter
  • Lydia Polgreen, The New York Times South Asia Correspondent
  • Mathew Ingram, GigaOm writer
  • MG Siegler, writer at TechCrunch
  • Ben Parr, Editor at Large at Mashable
  • Bilal Randere, Online Producer at Al Jazeera
  • Laurie Segall, CNN Money producer
  • Daniela Capistrano, Online Producer at “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”
  • Mark Milian, reporter at
  • Jason Kincaid, TechCrunch
  • Brian Ries, The Daily Beast social media editor
  • Jenn Van Grove, senior reporter at Mashable
  • Liz Heron, The New York Times, social media editor
  • Jason DeRusha, WCCO reporter/anchor
  • Walt Mossberg, AllThingsd columnist
  • Amanda Zamora, Washington Post, social media & engagement editor
  • Gregory Korte, reporter at USA Today
  • Jen Lee Reeves, Interactive Director at KOMU
  • Martin Beck, Los Angeles Times engagement editor
  • P. Kim Bui, KPCC Social Media Editor
  • Alexander B. Howard, Gov. 2.0 Washington Correspondent at O’Reilly Media
  • Doug Crets, tech blogger at RWW
  • Jeff Sonderman, Poynter writer
  • Patrick Witty, international picture editor at TIME
  • Tyson Evans, assistant editor of interactive news at The New York Times
  • Mark W. Smith, web editor and columnist at Detroit Free Press
  • Irina Slutsky, reporter at Age Age
  • Dan Ackerman, senior editor at CNET
  • Paul Takahashi, multimedia journalist at the Las Vegas Sun
  • Rosa Golijan, contributing writer at MSNBC
  • Jim MacMillan, journalist in residence for War News Radio at Swarthmore College
  • Dan Petty, social media editor at The Denver Post
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