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Published on April 18, 2012 by in Technology


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Whether you blog for a hobby or blog for business/professional purposes…more likely than not one of your main goals is to get your word out there and draw as much traffic as you can to your posts. So if you are new to the blogosphere or maybe have found yourself in a bit of a blogging rut, be sure to check out the following basic types of blog ideas so that you can get to composing your most click-worthy posts yet:

  • Round-up Posts –  This type of blog post is one of the most popular kinds found on the internet—and the good news is that they are some of the simplest to create! Round-up your content into a list that outlines, “The Top 10 Reasons…,” “The 7 Least Likely Places…,” or “The 100 Best of…”—you get the idea here, the possibilities are endless!
  • Personal tales – Stories from your own personal vault are some of the best ways for you to reach your target audience. Your blog instantly becomes more interesting when you talk about real life events—people love posts to which they can relate. Sharing an experience or tale that can define a lesson or give a moral will be a great way for you to help others. And it doesn’t even have to be serious—have some fun and tell a humorous story to give your blog some personality!
  • News, news, news – A proven method of effective blogging stems from news that is happening not yesterday, not two hours ago, but right this very second. So if there is a current event that you find especially entertaining or intriguing and your readers would want to know about it, then jump on the story fast! Put the story in your own words and you can even spin it so that it fits better with the content of your blog. Readers will appreciate your timely rehash of the latest happenings and will be more likely to visit in the future to stay informed about what’s going on in your niche.
  • Reviews – Because consumers trust fellow consumers more than they trust the marketing tactics of huge corporations just trying to make a buck selling them something, cyber surfers are constantly searching blogs for reviews on things like music, movies, restaurants and much more. So try giving your readers an honest review of products or services that relate to your blog. Describe your own personal experiences that detail your likes, dislikes, pros, cons, comparisons to similar products/services and conclude your reviews with a final recommendation for your blog visitors.
  • How-to – It’s a wonder how people got anything accomplished before the internet. Nowadays it seems that we can’t figure out how to do anything from buy a car to boil an egg without looking up the instructions on the web. Take advantage of the stupidity of the modern man by giving your blog readers easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to do something that would be of particular use to them.
  • Controversy – Just as long as you devise your post in a way that doesn’t offend or spark an influx of hate mail to your Gmail account, if it’s scandalous, it’s always going to be a hit amongst your fan-base. Create blog posts around current controversial subjects while being sure to cover all the pertinent points and follow up with your own views on the matter. Sound off about it and ask questions that will generate comments and create a place for others to share their input as well.

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