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Ways YouTube Can Be Used for Promoting Your Website

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Using social media to your advantage could help you reach millions of potential website visitors. As most of the popular social media sites are free to sign up with, the only investment you’ll need is time. Using YouTube could incur the costs of cameras or other equipment, but can still be effective for less than $40 with a webcam. How can creating your own YouTube channel help your website?

1. Tips and Reviews – Regardless of what your website is about, a video can be made for it. If you sell printer ink, make a video on how to replace cartridges, or promote a brand you sell.


Blog Privacy Policy & Disclaimers Explained

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Even if your blog isn’t what you consider to be your “full-time job” it does contain information that is available for anyone anywhere to access whenever they want. Because of this, there are certain legal loose ends you need to tend to so that you don’t end up getting caught in any legal crossfire should someone feel you misled them with information that you did, or didn’t, provide. This doesn’t mean you need to rush out and hire a lawyer, but you do want to take a few minutes to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row. This is where privacy policies, disclaimers, and disclosures come into play.

The Privacy Policy


21 Most Awkward Website Names On The Internet

.so Internet domain registration

.so Internet domain registration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Before you plunk down a pretty penny to register a new domain name, please think twice about what you choose. These 21 websites didn’t. Or perhaps they thought the double entendres their names created when strung together as URLs were just too funny to be passed up. That can be read as either “choose Spain” or, um, “chooses pain.” unfortunately is often mistaken for “whore presents.” And don’t even get us started on

These and other awkward website names were recently pointed out by Siteopia, a U.K.-based domain registration service.

“Taking time to think through all aspects and interpretations is crucial to the success of any brand,” a Siteopia spokesperson told The Telegraph. “Of course a name needs to be memorable, but it’s always worth considering the connotations it throws up.”


Points Not To Do While Using AdSense for Website

Google AdSense

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Many website owners’ ultimate aim is to generate revenue from their website. Thanks to Google that offer the best revenue program called AdSense which helps to get some easy advertiser to newbie blogger or website owner like me.

Design a website with some good content for at least 6 month & apply for AdSense. For my understanding its like Give n Take relation with Google with a WIN WIN situation for everyone involved in this system (Google, AdWords publisher & the Website Owner).

After getting my first approval for Google AdSense some 2 month ago I researched a lot what not to do while using AdSense. 


Anonymous Hacks Lolita City Alleged Porn Ring

Anonymous is Friendly?

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The “hacktivist” group Anonymous has uncovered what it says was a massive child pornography ring,according to the Examiner.

The hackers targeted several websites, including “Lolita City,” which the Guardian says included 1,589 users.

The attack was part of Anonymous’ “Operation Darknet.” The Guardian explains that “Darknet websites are part of the Invisible Web, sometimes called the Deep Web, containing content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.”

Anonymous published the usernames of those who frequent Lolita City, which, the Guardian reports, had 100 gigabytes of child porn.


Shocking Study Reveals How Top Sites Use Your Personal Data


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By Julia Angwin, Wall Street Journal

A study released Tuesday shows that 45% of the top 185 U.S. websites transmit identifying details about their visitors to at least four outside websites.

The data transmitted was primarily a “username” – which is the name a person uses to log into a website – or a user ID assigned by the website to a user. It was usually transmitted through referrers – which is information about the web page transmitted automatically.

In some cases, the data went much further: the study found for instance that the online dating website OKCupid sent the gender, age, zip code, relationship status and ‘drug use frequency’ to two companies that sell personal data in auctions, BlueKai and Lotame.