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Can Yebhi Stop Flipkart’s Progressive March?

Tonline_sales_640x360he world is competitive and so is the online world. In fact, the competition in the online world is even stiffer. Online stores not only enjoy wide popularity but they do face wider criticism. While promotions through media and through various channels in internet can make an online store grow pretty fast, reviews from customers’ could make or break their day. It is owing to the fact that reviews play a crucial role in the decision making of the customers. Yebhi has won many positive reviews in its short stint and it needs to be seen if it has the versatility to stop Flipkart’s progress.

How Did It All Begin?

Yebhi started its online show in the year 2009. Stepping into online business with a wide range of shoes, the online store paced up to include more categories to increase its product strength. The categories available with Yebhi include footwear, apparels, bags, electronic products, jewellery, home appliances, kitchen appliances, mobiles, toys and cosmetic items.

Flipkart rolled its wheels into online business with unbelievable loads of books in the year 2007. It did not remain a book seller for long as it included a wide range of products to its collections namely apparels, footwear, watches, bags, computers, home appliances, kitchen appliances, toys, personal products and cameras. Beginning as a bookseller, its collections on the run is amazing.

Range Of Products – Flipkart Gains Speed

Yebhi does have stunning range of products but Flipkart has more categories to offer. Even if you go by the commonly available products, we find Yebhi doing well in some sections namely apparels, bags, footwear and toys while Flipkart does great in electronics, mobiles, home appliances and kitchen appliances. The difference is huge where Flipkart leads and hence, it could be said that Flipkart provides better results than Yebhi.

Quality And Price – Yebhi Holds The Reins

It is true that both Yebhi and Flipkart offer leading brands but Yebhi outperforms Flipkart in quality of products. Yebhi has earned a name for its quality products and though Flipkart does well here, it is placed behind Yebhi. As far as the rates are concerned, it could be said that Yebhi provides a wider choice in all price ranges. Flipkart is not charging more but Yebhi charges lesser. However, you could enjoy great discounts from both the online stores using Yebhi discount coupons and Flipkart coupons.

Customer Service – Yebhi Outruns Flipkart

Be it delivery or efficient customer service, Yebhi is far ahead of Flipkart. Flipkart should be given credit that is due to it for being a very stunning performer in its initial years. However, in the later years its speed seems to have slowed down, which has affected the customer service. There are many complaints about delivery of faulty goods, not honoring delivery schedule and obvious failure in handling customers’ complaints. Yebhi too has received a fair share of complaints from customers. As far as complaints about Yebhi is concerned, the soothing feature is that the company tries to address the complaints and set the problems right. It is obvious from reviews that it makes attempts while Flipkart seems to turn a deaf ear to the complaints.

Efficient customer service is the backbone of any industry. If a business fails in customer service, it is sure to be removed from the memory of the buyers. In the world of internet, words spread like fire and one negative statement does not take more than a few seconds to go round the world. Hence, offering quality service is very important. Yebhi and Flipkart do make mistakes in their delivery right from missing the delivery date to shipping the wrong product. The advantage as far as Yebhi is concerned is that it tries to improve its efficiency. Hence, Yebhi has the power to stop Flipkart’s march.

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