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Checking In on Foursquare

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There are numerous diverse apps and social networking apps and it’s tough to keep up with which ones are worth downloading and using. Meet Foursquare, it’s all about checking in at a certain location, whether that is a movie theater, restaurant or hospital. Here are a few reasons you should start checking in as soon as possible:


Google+ Gets Facial Recognition

Google is rolling out a new feature called “Find My Face” to Google+ users allowing them to opt-in to a new facial recognition feature for photos shared on the service.  Of course this isn’t the first foray Google has made into the facial recognition arena, they have offered the feature on Picasa Web Albums for a little more than three years. The feature is not available to all Google+ users yet , but Google has decided to alert users to the presence of the new feature instead of just turning it on.

Find My Face options dialog


600,000+ Facebook Accounts Get Hacked Per Day

If an unauthorised party has logged into your Facebook account, then you’re far from alone.

New official statistics revealed by the social networking giant reveal that 0.06% of the more than billion logins that they have each day are compromised.