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Google’s Latest Social Networking Attempt Is A Big Failure

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The technology has got advanced to a great extent, even; social networking phones are running on a fuel cell. But the main competition is in the field of social media network of goggle. There have been a lot of speculations that users made regarding Google’s social network known as Google Plus. With its rapid growth which surpassed other networks by 25 million in just a month, by far surpassing the growth of huge social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have achieved in their past years, it has shocked the entire online community and has even posed as a threat for the existing social media giants. However, true the figure is, it is still not enough. Google+ was still unable to draw in a huge number of followings and keep them intact in the network unlike what its giant competitors did. Google+ indeed has some unique features such as their “Hangouts” feature and other video conferencing tools which can’t be seen within any other social networks. In fact, these are truly impressive but the point here is how come that Google’s latest social networking attempt is a big failure?


Amazon keeps investing in E-Commerce, this time in Turkey

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The company was founded in 2006, and differently from most generic e-commerce and classified ads (e.g. like India’s Sahipasand) the site has decided to focus entirely on gift items such asgourmet products, jewelry and toys, providing as same-day delivery as a special service. In other words, their goal has been to become the go-to online gift shop for the Turkish population.

Headquartered in Istanbul, CicekSepeti currently employs 160 people.

The exact amount of the investment from Amazon, which joins Himmingbird Ventures in the founders’ team, is unknown.

Turkey seems to be a hot market for investors this year, after Tiger Global and KPC & Byers invested heavily in Trendyol and Quants Financial Services (a Swedish fund) entered in Grupfoni. Looking at this list, it seems also onlien shopping is getting hot again: maybe the Internet won’t be seen as a place for loans and real estate business only any more?

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Yahoo’s Top 10 Search Terms Of 2011

Search engine Yahoo has released its results for the top 10 search terms of 2011.

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This year, the most popular search were dominated by the usual news stories, celebrities and natural disasters, but there was also one big surprise. A gadget (see slideshow) topped Yahoo’s list of the top ten most-searched terms, a rare occurrence, according to Yahoo.

“In the 11 years that Yahoo! has compiled its annual list of top searches, PlayStation 2 (2001 and 2002) is the only other device to have captured the top slot,” Yahoo wrote in a post accompanying the list. “This year, [a gadget again] led the queries, bypassing a reality TV divorcee and America’s most wanted terrorist.”


Windows 8 Features list

Windows 8, which was fully unveiled at the Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California, is here, and it looks much,

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much different from Windows 7. Sure, it has the start-bar-and-icon “Desktop” look that Windows users are familiar with, but it also has a new, touchscreen-optimized interface called ‘Metro,’ which looks more like the Windows Phone operating system and which looks like the future of Microsoft Windows from here on out.

The touch-optimized interface was all Stephen Sinofsky, President of Windows, and Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President of Windows, were talking about when they showed off Windows 8 to developers at the conference. (They did not, however, mention when the new OS would be available to users.)


27 Must Follow Female Tech Founders in Twitter

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list of 27 female founders who are changing industries, reshaping the public sector, doing good, and helping others, all by using technology in creative new ways.

These women are also active Twitter users who are each worth following for the insights and advice they offer about everything from entrepreneurship and VCs to social media and coding. They include CEOs and CTOs, experienced entrepreneurs and experts, scientists and engineers.