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Facebook Comments Now Feature Video Playback And Website Previews

Facebook has added a new feature allowing users to embed photos, videos and website previews into comments. Now, if you include a URL in a Facebook comment, you’ll be able to preview content from the web page that URL links to. For example, if your friend posts about the new Harry Potter movie and asks

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G.Co: Google Has a New URL Shortener

Google has unveiled, a new URL shortener that will link only to Google products and websites. The search giant already owns, a URL shortener it launched in 2009. Unlike, the URL shortener can be used for any link on the web via the Google Toolbar. “We’ll only use to send

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Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. The easiest method is to be a celebrity. It doesn’t matter if you tweet anything interesting, you’ll probably find a fair number of people will follow you regardless. Alternatively, you could try to tweet something that people find useful or amusing or informative on

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Google Desktop Search Reloaded

In a media event in San Francisco, Google announced new features including Voice Search, Search by Image, and Instant Pages. Interestingly, these features will only be available through the Chrome or Firefox browsers by using the appropriate plugin. Voice Search This feature, quite popular on mobile phones, has finally hit the desktop version. Currently, it

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Profile Stalkers on Facebook? Check out the viral scam that’s spreading

Another scam is being spammed out across Facebook, tricking users into helping its spread by fooling them into believing they will discover who is secretly viewing their profile. Using a cartoon image of what appears to be a chimpanzee looking through binoculars, the messages are being sent from other Facebook users who have already fallen

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Facebook Launches ‘Send’ Button For More Selective Sharing, Announces 50 Million ‘Groups’

Facebook’s increasingly ubiquitous ‘Like’ button is getting a new friend: the Send button. Click on a webpage that has the Send button integrated, and you’ll be prompted to share it with any of your Facebook Groups, your Facebook friends, or any standard email address. In other words, where the Like button is designed to let

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