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BBC Lottery: Have you won too?

Published by in Social, Technology on September 13th, 2011

You must be the luckiest person on the planet – You keep winning lotteries! Here’s the latest notification – straight from Aunty Beeb herself, the BBC.

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Fake Facebook Security Team phishes passwords from users

Post from Sophosh by Graham Cluley. A number of Facebook users have reported to us receiving mysterious messages, seemingly from Facebook’s security team, telling them that their accounts have been suspended. The spam messages, however, are not legitimate. In reality they have been sent out by fraudsters posing as Facebook’s real security team, with the

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Want A Google+ Invitation? How To Sign Up For Google’s Social Network

Google is betting that its new social network, Google+, will fix what it calls the “awkward” state of online sharing–but Google isn’t sharing invitations to its latest project with everyone. Users have been clamoring for invitations to Google+, which Google launched as a limited “field trial,” noting “you may find some rough edges.” Access to

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Beware shortcuts for getting more followers on Twitter

There are various different ways of getting more followers on Twitter. The easiest method is to be a celebrity. It doesn’t matter if you tweet anything interesting, you’ll probably find a fair number of people will follow you regardless. Alternatively, you could try to tweet something that people find useful or amusing or informative on

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26,000 sex website passwords exposed by LulzSec

The notorious LulzSec hacking group has published login passwords for almost 26,000 users of an x-rated porn website. The hackers compromised the database of the hardcore website (called “Pron“), exposing not only the email addresses and passwords of over 25,000 members but also the credentials of 55 administrators of other adult websites. Furthermore, LulzSec drew

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How to stop your Gmail account being hacked

Original Post from Sophos. Author – Graham Cluley As has been widely reported, high profile users of Gmail – including US government officials, reporters and political activists – have had their email accounts hacked. This wasn’t a sophisticated attack against Google’s systems, but rather a cleverly-crafted HTML email which pointed to a Gmail phishing page.

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35 million Google profiles were *already* exposed on the internet

Do you have a Google Profile? Did you find yourself getting cobbywobbles when you read the headlines in the security press? Here’s just a handful of the many headlines that have appeared in the last few days: “35 Million Google Profiles Captured In Database”, Information Week “35m Google Profiles dumped into private database?”, The Register

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