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Microsoft Offering Sneak Peeks At Windows 8

Published by pratyushkp on August 17th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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Anyone anticipating the release of Windows 8 might want to check out Microsoft‘s new blog, Building Windows 8, which will chronicle the development of the forthcoming operating system.

Windows President Steven Sinofsky published the first post on Building Windows 8 (or B8 as it’s affectionately referred to by his team) on Monday evening.

“We intend to post regularly throughout the development of Windows 8, and to focus on the engineering of the product,” Sinofsky wrote. “Blogging allows us to have a two-way dialog with you about design choices, real-world data and usage, and new opportunities that are part of Windows 8.”

India Working To Develop Operating System Of Its Own

Published by pratyushkp on October 11th, 2010 - in Social, Technology

India is all set to create a Operating System of its own to strengthen cyber security.

In a bid to protect the country from cyber attacks the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is working on creating a new Operating system of its own.

V.K. Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister and DRDO Director-General said the creation of a Operating System will help in preventing cyber crimes and will also strengthen the cyber security of the country.

To be located in the City of Hyderabad and Delhi, the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in partnership with software companies will encourage and contribute to the development of the project

The Operating System will also be developed for commercial purposes and will have Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chennai and other universities and Industries will also take part in the project.

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Microsoft To “Patch-up” Flaws In Windows

Published by pratyushkp on August 3rd, 2010 - in Social, Technology

Microsoft has released a “critical” update for its operating systems that patches a high-profile vulnerability dating back to Windows 2000.

Microsoft has launched a emergency patch for a critical vulnerability that criminals are exploiting to install malware on all supported versions of the Windows operating system. Attackers could potentially gain control of an unpatched computer through a weakness in the way Windows handles desktop shortcut icons. The weakness was particularly worrying because users did not have to open a file for malware writers to exploit it – only a folder containing an infected .lnk extension.

Usually the company issues patches to fix software flaws just once a month, but the seriousness of the bug has forced the software giant to issue an emergency patch outside the normal schedule.
The patch up though is unavailable for Windows 2000 operating system.

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