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Typography and readability: 5 golden rules to follow

Lower case ‘a’ from Adobe Caslon Pro, superpos...

Lower case ‘a’ from Adobe Caslon Pro, superposed onto some guides. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While it is true that the use of interesting fonts may be a delightful activity for most of the graphic designers, one needs to remember that a thin line exists between a fun typographic character and something that is unreadable and undesirable.

Nothing can be worse than the scenario where one has completed a project and then realizes that all the efforts have gone in vain. Follow the below listed rules and ensure that your typography meets the accepted levels.

1.) Do not fall into the all caps impulse :

In most scenarios when one is dealing with some design, it usually happens that one forgoes the essential grammar rules and tends to write in capital letters. One perceives that this trick will work and the content will be more readable and attractive.


Google’s Latest Social Networking Attempt Is A Big Failure

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

The technology has got advanced to a great extent, even; social networking phones are running on a fuel cell. But the main competition is in the field of social media network of goggle. There have been a lot of speculations that users made regarding Google’s social network known as Google Plus. With its rapid growth which surpassed other networks by 25 million in just a month, by far surpassing the growth of huge social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have achieved in their past years, it has shocked the entire online community and has even posed as a threat for the existing social media giants. However, true the figure is, it is still not enough. Google+ was still unable to draw in a huge number of followings and keep them intact in the network unlike what its giant competitors did. Google+ indeed has some unique features such as their “Hangouts” feature and other video conferencing tools which can’t be seen within any other social networks. In fact, these are truly impressive but the point here is how come that Google’s latest social networking attempt is a big failure?