27 Must Follow Female Tech Founders in Twitter

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list of 27 female founders who are changing industries, reshaping the public sector, doing good, and helping others, all by using technology in creative new ways.

These women are also active Twitter users who are each worth following for the insights and advice they offer about everything from entrepreneurship and VCs to social media and coding. They include CEOs and CTOs, experienced entrepreneurs and experts, scientists and engineers.

  • Rashmi Sinha – CEO and co-founder, SlideShare & Follow her: @Rashmi
  • Susan Wu – Co-founder, Ohai, a creator of multiplayer online games. Founding partner at the Obvious Corporation, an “idea incubator” headed by Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams, as well as former Twitter product chief Jason Goldman.  Follow her: @Sw
  • Caterina Fake – Co-founder, photo-sharing service Flickr, recommendation-engine Hunch. Follow her: @Caterina
  • Kanchan Koya – Co-Founder, SwitchBiotics, which researches new antibiotics to treat “superbugs” and other infections. Follow her: @KKoya
  • Allyson Kapin – Founder, Women Who Tech . Follow her: @WomenWhoTech
  • Angela Benton – Founder and publisher, Black Web 2.0. Founder, NewMEAccel, a startup accelerator for companies led by minorities. Follow her: @ABenton
  • Alexa Hirschfeld – Co-founder, online invitation service PaperlessPost. Follow her: @AlexaHirschfeld
  • Gina Trapani – Founder, LifeHacker. Follow her: @GinaTrapani
  • Linda Avey – Co-founder, 23andMe.com, a “genetic testing service that provides information and tools to understand your DNA,” and Curious, Inc. Follow her: @LindaAvey
  • Brooke Moreland – Founder, Fashism, a social shopping site that lets users rate each others’ outfits, accessories and style choices. Follow her: @AudraBrookie
  • Kaliya Hamlin – An expert on online identity issues and co-founder, Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, Internet Identity Workshop. Follow her: @IdentityWoman
  • Carol Realini – Founder, Obopay, which provides mobile payments and banking services. Follow her: @CarolRealini
  • Cathy Edwards – Co-founder and CTO, Chomp, a search engine for apps. Follow her: @CathyE
  • Jennifer Pahlka – Founder, Code for America, a non-profit organization that aims to help people in the tech industry work with the public sector. Follower her: @PahlkaDot
  • Angela Beesley Starling – Co-founder, Wikia, which hosts community sites that any user can create or add to, and member of Wikimedia’s advisory board. Follow her: @Wikiangela
  • Katrin Verclas – Co-founder, MobileActive.org, a non-profit that seeks to use mobile technology to promote social change. Follow her: @Katrinskaya
  • Ellen Miller – Co-founder and executive director, Sunlight Foundation, an organization that seeks to increase government transparency and accountability using technology. Founder, Center for Responsive Politics and Public Campaign. Follow her: @EllnMllr
  • Laura Fitton – Founder, oneforty, a social media management company. Follow her: @Pistachio
  • Cheryl Contee – Co-founder, Fission Strategy, which helps “organizations inspire social good through social media”. Follow her: @Ch3ryl
  • Jen Bekman – Founder and CEO, 20×200, an online marketplace for affortable art. Follow her: @JenBee
  • Cynthia Padnos – Founding managing director, Illuminate Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in high-tech startups. Follow her: @IlluminateVC
  • Sarah Allen – Co-founder and CTO, Mightyverse, an online compendium of translations in numerous different languages. Follow her: @Ultrasaurus
  • Stephanie Robesky – Founder and CEO, GrowsUp.com, an online retailer selling items for children and babies. Follow her: @NerdGirl
  • Alexis Ringwald – Co-founder, Valence Energy, a startup acquired by Serious Energy that had focused on creating energy management software. Follow her: @AlexisRingwald
  • Juliana Rotich – Co-founder, Ushahidi, a non-profit that uses tech to crowdsource and map information from around the world. Follow her: @Afromusing 
  • Leah Culver – Co-founder of Convore, an application designed to facilitate real-time group communication. Follow her: @LeahCulver
  • Amy Jo Martin – Founder, Digital Royalty, a company that advises athletes, brands and teams, such as Nike and Shaquille O’Neal, on their social media strategies. Follow her: @AmyJoMartin

Source :- http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Rashmi Sinha

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