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Windows Death Screen Get A Makeover

Microsoft has given the old blue screen of death the blue screen of death. On the recently announced Windows 8, available in very early developer’s beta, the Blue Screen of Death is going to look a little different, according to a discovery by The Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD, or Stop Error, has become

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Windows 8 Features list

Windows 8, which was fully unveiled at the Windows Build Conference in Anaheim, California, is here, and it looks much, much different from Windows 7. Sure, it has the start-bar-and-icon “Desktop” look that Windows users are familiar with, but it also has a new, touchscreen-optimized interface called ‘Metro,’ which looks more like the Windows Phone

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Google: ‘Your computer appears to be infected’

It’s only been a few weeks since the world’s web users woke up to discover a big black bar at the top of their Google search results (introduced when Google+ was launched). Now, some users of Google search might start seeing something else close to the top of the world’s most famous home page. The

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How to Use Strong and Secure Passwords

In all probability, most of us would be aware that using obvious or guessable passwords such as “password” or your pet’s name isn’t a good idea at all. But then what options do you really have to come up with a strong and secure password? First things first, you should have a different, fairly long

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