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How to Use Strong and Secure Passwords

Published by pratyushkp on July 5th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

In all probability, most of us would be aware that using obvious or guessable passwords such as “password” or your pet’s

name isn’t a good idea at all.

But then what options do you really have to come up with a strong and secure password?

First things first, you should have a different, fairly long and very strong password for each account. It’s tempting to use the same password for all of your online accounts, but doing so puts every account in jeopardy if one of them gets hacked.


To break into accounts, hackers often employ a method called “dictionary attack”, which involves using words straight from the dictionary to guess the passwords. So it is strongly recommended that you don’t use standard words as your passwords; rather try creating meaningless words from a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. And don’t just replace letters in a word with a simple (e.g. ‘A’ with the @ symbol) because that’s a very common trick. The password can be strengthened by using a blend of lower and uppercase letters.

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