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Can Yebhi Stop Flipkart’s Progressive March?

Tonline_sales_640x360he world is competitive and so is the online world. In fact, the competition in the online world is even stiffer. Online stores not only enjoy wide popularity but they do face wider criticism. While promotions through media and through various channels in internet can make an online store grow pretty fast, reviews from customers’ could make or break their day. It is owing to the fact that reviews play a crucial role in the decision making of the customers. Yebhi has won many positive reviews in its short stint and it needs to be seen if it has the versatility to stop Flipkart’s progress.


Small Business Social Media Tips from the Pros

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Want to take the small business to the next level? Then, it is necessary to take some quality social media tips from the pros to improve the business growth and take it to an altogether next level. Have a look below:

Tip 1: Become the “Real You” and Highlight It before the Customers

Taking help of social media networking sites like Facebook to highlight the business prospects before clients and customers. Highlight the “Real You” factor before them. Never forget to provide those occasional business tips. Get the latest blog post being linked to the social media site. But, wait! This is what all the other small business holders are doing. So, it will definitely be beneficial to show the potential clients and readers that “You” are real. How? Through regular


How To Get A Super-Cheap TouchPad

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Following HP’s August 18 bombshell announcement that it would discontinue its poorly selling TouchPad tablet, the company decided to deeply discount the remaining devices. The company issued a note to retailers that said all units would receive a $300 price cut. After factoring in a price drop from earlier in August, the new price for 16GB units would be $99; the 32GB units would cost $149.

Ironically, the repriced tablets are now a hot commodity–if you can find one.

HP’s website currently sports a sale page for the discounted tablets. Though the tablets were out of stock (online and in stores) in the United States on Sunday, more are apparently on the way, according to a notice on the site, which advises customers to “check back soon.”

Users can sign up for an email alert to find out when more devices are available.


Apple’s Tech Support Quality Is Slipping, Says Survey

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Apple is slipping when it comes to providing customers with automated over-the-phone assistance, according to Vocal Laboratories, a company that helps measure the quality of businesses’ contact centers.

The findings are part of The National Customer Service Survey (NCSS), which “tracks customer service quality in several industries, using telephone interviews conducted with a customer immediately after a customer service experience,” states Vocal Laboratories.

Statistics in this particular Apple case study were based on 4,161 surveys conducted between May 2008 and June 2011. The study measured exclusively assistance provided to customers over the phone and found that though Apple scored top marks in many areas, a few facets of Apple’s once overwhelmingly positive technical support are beginning to fall behind in comparison to competitors Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP).


Citibank victimized by hackers, insists cardholders are safe

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Reuters is reporting that Citibank‘s systems were hacked, resulting in a loss of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Citibank says that data for 1% of their cardholders was accessed through this breach, but customers‘ Social Security Numbers (SSNs), birth dates, card expiration dates and CVV codes are safe.

Information that may have been disclosed to the hackers includes customers’ names, account numbers, contact details and email addresses.

According to Citibank’s website they are the world’s largest provider of credit cards, issuing more than 150,000,000 cards globally. Based on these numbers, information for 1,500,000 or more individuals may have been compromised.

In April Paul Gaulant, former head of the bank’s credit card unit, told Reuters, “Security breaches happen, they’re going to continue to happen … the mission of the banking industry is to keep the customer base safe and customers feeling secure about their financial transactions and payments.”

That may be true, but feeling secure is not the same as being secure. How this information was acquired and why it wasn’t protected against theft is a far more important question.

Citi has stated they will notify customers believed to be affected by the breach.

Customers affected by this incident should be on high alert for scams, phishing and phone calls purporting to be from Citibank and their subsidiaries.

While Citi customers aren’t likely to have fraudulent charges against their accounts as a result of this breach, they are likely to encounter social engineering attempts to enable further crime.

Considering that the attackers have your name, account number and other sensitive information they are able to provide a very convincing cover story to victims.

Never accept incoming communications purporting be from financial institutions you do business with, whether by email or phone call. Call them back using only the phone numbers published on your cards or statements. When logging in to perform online transactions, always enter their website address directly in your browser. Never click links.

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