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3 Ways Young People Are Impacting Green Policies and Changes Around The World

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.

The Earth seen from Apollo 17. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We only have one planet Earth and because of this we need to take care of it. Unfortunately, there are many factors that contribute to the destruction of the environment and it’s up to us to cut down on or eliminate destructive habits that are hurting our planet. Around the world, many young people are realizing it’s up to them to save the earth and this realization is having a major impact on green policies and changes around the world in the following ways.

  • New Ideas –  The youth of today have a fresh outlook that is helping to encourage environmental change. There are many outdated environmental policies in place today, and young people are helping to update these policies with fresh ideas.
  • Use Of Technology –  Through the use of technology, young people have been impacting green policies around the world. Today’s young people are amongst the first to use the internet to inform and educate people about the environment. Also, young people use the internet to organize and vote on environmental policies and this has made a major impact on green policy changes.
  • Take Charge Attitude –  Instead of wearing a shirt that’s supposed to bring recognition to the green movement, young people have a take charge attitude that goes beyond wearing a simple shirt. Young people are actually seeing the effects of climate change and other environmental issues, and this is making us want to get up and do something to change worldwide environmental policies.

After many years of reckless human behavior, our planet is starting to reflect the negative effects of being damaged for so long. Because of this, young people of today are beginning to realize that what we do and how we act can have a major impact on green policies and changes around the world. With a take charge attitude fueled by new ideas and internet savvy, the youth of today is starting to see that their influence is important to the green movement. Soon, young people will be the next generation of adults and with this comes the chance to make changes that will help the environment.

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