LinkedIn is An Email Inbox Flooding Service – Jon Stewart

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Earlier in the week, Barack Obama visited the Silicon Valley headquarters of business-orientated social network LinkedIn, which hosted a town hall-style meeting to promote the president’s new jobs bill. The irony of talking about how to find jobs at a company that helps people find jobs was not lost on Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show.” Stewart noted that many audience participants said they or someone  [ Read More ]


Catch Oprah Live Video Interview At Facebook

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The talk show queen is scheduled to do a live video interview with Facebook on Thursday, September 8, almost exactly a year after Oprah brought Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on her show. The discussion with Oprah will be streamed via Facebook Live and will kick off at 1:30PM PT. Facebook is inviting people to submit their questions for Oprah on a Facebook Page dedicated to  [ Read More ]


White House Announces Official Foursquare Account

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Looking to follow President Obama on the campaign trail this election season? Foursquare‘s got all the insider tips you’ll need to keep track of the Commander In Chief on the road. On Monday evening, the official White House Blog announced the launch of a new Foursquare account, just in time for Obama’s three-day bus tour across the Midwest, which kicked off in Cannon Falls, Minnesota,  [ Read More ]


Kenneth Cole Talks ‘Antisocial’ Social Media, New ‘Where Do You Stand’ Site

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Fashion designer Kenneth Cole’s latest project isn’t a line of shoes or a fall collection: it’s a new site, “Where Do You Stand,” that aims to spark debate on social issues, from gun control to same-sex marriage. Where Do You Stand marks a continuation of Cole’s socially conscious—and sometimes controversial—ad campaigns that have promoted not only bags, shoes and apparel, but also political issues. For  [ Read More ]


Apple Now Has More Cash Than The U.S. Government

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Post from Matt Hartley Matt Hartley is an award winning Toronto-based writer and journalist with The National Post newspaper where he writes about technology and the Internet for the Financial Post. As editor of the FP Tech Desk, he is responsible for overseeing technology coverage for the Financial Post. A product of the Queen’s Journal journalism factory at Queen’s University, his stories have also appeared  [ Read More ]


Obama outlines strategy to combat transnational cybercrime

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President Obama unveiled his plans to combat what the United States is calling “Transnational Organized Crime” (TOC) in a paper released by the White House this morning. The document is called “Strategy to Combat Transnational Organized Crime” and focuses primarily on encouraging more international cooperation to target organized criminals dealing in smuggling people, smuggling drugs, committing acts of terror and online financial crime. The focus  [ Read More ]


The President is finally taking charge? No, a Facebook phishing attack

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A warning to all the Facebook users out there – the scammers are after your login details again, this time by spreading a link which purports to be a video of Barack Obama. The president is finally taking charge!! [LINK] Is this really for real?. The image used in the message looks like a YouTube video thumbnail, but if you click on the link you  [ Read More ]