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Five thing to avoid while in college

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You are out of school and ready to take on the world. While this is the time for freedom, make sure you don’t do anything to spoil the party. Watch out for these five traps for college students.

Please check the following  Five thing to avoid while in college :-

  • Drugs – We are not saying that you are an addict, just that you are susceptible, any one is. Unless you keep a keen eye out and say a BIG no right at the first go. They may look like friendly advances or even friendly challenges, but could be a start of a deadly …
  • Borrowing or lending money – Everyone comes from a different financial background and they need to live with it, including you yourself. We know these are new friends and you would like to help the needy, but watch out. Lending or borrowing money tends to become a habit and before …
  • Bunking – Bunking college or school may seem to be the ultimate adventure. But watch out, you may do it like an adventure in the beginning and later it may completely alienate you from the class room. It will affect your studies, deplete your friends and leave you ..
  • Show off gadgets or money or dresses – We know this is the first time you are out of the uniform and ready to take on the world with your ammunition of great dresses, super accessories and talked about gadgets. Pause, while dressing up well and being up to date is great, don’t let it become ..
  • Inferiority – What gadget or bag they carried or the dress they wore will not make their future five years hence. The purpose of going to college is to study, to groom yourself and people interaction – make sure this is achieved. No need to feel deprived looking at …
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