coming soon mozilla’s firefox 4 beta 8


Firefox will soon release its browser Firefox 4 Beta 8 by the end of this month.

Mozilla’s latest version of Firefox 4 Beta 8 which will soon hit market will promise users faster speed for page loading and graphics. It also promises improved hardware acceleration for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as well as some significant changes to the HTML 5 support. In addition to this it will feature graphics block list to ensure that Firefox doesn’t crash and will be able to accelerate the composition of layers with Open GL and Direct 3D.

The browser which will come out with more beta versions is currently being worked upon. There are about 66 bugs to fix of which 19 are critical, once done the Beta 8 will roll out by the end of this month. A significant change in the new browser will be its speed and its better interaction with heavy graphics pages.

According to Joe Drew of Mozilla “This release of Firefox will be faster on more web pages while at the same time being compatible with more computers.”

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