Using Social Media to Create Content Value

Published on October 10, 2011 by Murray in Social, Technology

Link insertion is a term that’s being thrown around a lot lately as so many new publishers and companies are getting involved. And social media has, of course, exploded in use over the last years and more and more companies are now using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to help spread their message, which is ultimately to purchase their service.

The real reason that marketers and advertisers are tapping into this massive resource is because people actually trust other people—such as a Facebook comment—a lot more than they trust a company trying to sell their product.

So this social media content, even a simple Facebook comment, can be extremely valuable in today’s world.

Social media, at least from a marketing standpoint, is all about getting as many people as possible to talk about you and your product, so you can see how a single Twitter user with thousands of followers can be an excellent tool for this purpose.

So this content is obviously valuable to advertisers because it’s the top of the funnel to get people to buy a product—it starts the consumer’s interest and gets them to research and then ultimately purchase whatever it is you have for sale.

Simply put, value is instantly created with content surrounding the pure purchase of that product, so now a lot of companies are starting to realize the true value of that comment—or millions of comments, and advertisers are now seeking to reach people through these comments.

And this is why in-text advertising is so valuable: It allows publishers to create real value from their content.

I’ve been working with link insertion company INTENTclick, which does a very good job at using content—whether it be in social media or wherever—to make you money. I wrote an e-book about the technology, titled “INTENETclick” ,:In-Text Advertising Secrets, which goes into a more in-depth look at the company that specializes in helping people with SEO and sales-driven content as well as monetizing user-generated content that maximizes returns for publishers. Please read the E-book I wrote, “Online Content Monetization” for more information on this topic.

I advise you to look at more content monetization tools in order to get the full value of the content you’re already producing. Trust me, it’s probably more than you might expect.

Disclosure: I am working for INTENTclick.

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