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Pornographic movies posted on Facebook walls? No Its a Facebook Hoax

A hoax is spreading like wildfire on Facebook, claiming that hackers are posting pornographic movies on users’ walls which are invisible to the owners of the wall but are visible to friends and family. You can imagine how that would be pretty embarrassing if it were true. Fortunately, it’s nonsense. Here’s what a typical message looks like,

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‘May God always bless..’ Facebook virus hoax spreads

Facebook users are sending scary warnings to each other regarding a supposed new piece of malware spreading across the social network. Attention!!!If you see anyone post out an application written “May God always bless this kind person below with peace, love and happiness”, with your profile picture attached below, and send by your friend via

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Facebook to start charging this summer? Hoax spreads across social network

Some Facebook users have started posting a message on their walls, and encouraging their friends and family to do the same, claiming that Facebook will start charging this summer. According to the message, if you post it on your own Facebook wall then you will still be able to use the social network free of

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Jason Allen / Amy Allen virus hoax spreads on Facebook

A new virus hoax is spreading on Facebook, shared by well-intentioned users who believe they are warning their friends and family about a threat – but, in reality, are just adding to the noise. Messages being shared across Facebook warn users not to add as a Facebook friend people called “Jason Allen” or “Amy Allen“.

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