10 Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search: McAfee

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Computer security company McAfee has released its fifth annual top ten list of worst celebrities to search for if you want to hold on to your social security number.

The ranking of the most dangerous celebrities to search for is determined by which celebrity image search is most likely to land the searcher on a website that contains spyware, malware, adware, spam, or viruses. Top finishers range from the obvious — models and people who have graced the cover of Maxim — to the less obvious — a certain forty-something British news anchor. According to the McAfee report, “Hot movies and TV shows, awards and industry accolades seem to be more of a factor than headline-grabbing activity,” which is one reason you’re more likely to see Mila Kunis than Charlie Sheen.

Here The Entire List :-

  • Heidi Klum - Do not be fooled by Klum’s beachy beauty and affable demeanor, this is one dangerous dame. Searching her name means you have a 9 percent likelihood of landing on a page with spyware, malware, adware or some other bad ware.
  • Cameron Diaz - The famous daredevil was forced to relinquish her title of Most Dangerous Celebrity. Even so, Diaz remains a risky search and her digital likeness should be approached with caution.
  • Piers Morgan - Dark horse! In a brilliant first-time finish, the 46-year-old Brit and host of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight nabbed an elusive danger rating that’s in the top three. He’s one of only two men on this year’s list (the other is Brad Pitt at number 10)
  • Jessica Biel - Biel falls slightly from last year’s third place ranking, but stays solidly in the top five of celebs who are riskiest to search for.
  • Katherine Heigl - 2011 marks Katherine Heigl’s first year in McAfee’s top ten. Cyber-criminals seem convinced that people will go nuts clicking on any site that promises access to her image. Perhaps, the criminals have us figured out: we love her and are willing to trade our social security numbers and banking passwords for the chance to gaze longingly at her sparkling visage.
  • Mila Kunis - It’s been a big year for Mila Kunis. First Black Swan, and then this! It’s her first year on the list, but with her doe eyes and lethal combination of unrehearsed hotness and knowing wit she may be getting more dangerous–as she becomes more popular–in the years to come.
  • Anna Paquin - The only working vampire on the list, Paquin is one of the few celebs to actually become more dangerous this year. She moved up three spots from last year’s tenth place ranking.
  • Adriana Lima - Lima, one of two Victoria’s Secret models on the list, dropped to eighth after last year’s career-high sixth place ranking. “Beware of Victoria’s Secret beauties,” McAfee warned in a press release.
  • Scarlett Johansson - A McAfee spokesperson told The Huffington Post that the research for this year’s “riskiest celebrities” list was compiled before reports that nude photos of Johansson had been leaked started swirling, which may help to explain why she places ninth and not higher.
  • Rachel McAdams - (tied with Brad Pitt and Emma Stone) McAdams makes her McAfee debut at number ten. Not bad!
  • Emma Stone - (tied with Brad Pitt and Rachel McAdams) It’s been a busy year for Emma Stone, who’s been featured in films like “The Help” and “Crazy Stupid Love.” So why hasn’t her McAfee rating soared along with her popularity? It’s good to remember that the likeable actress is just coming into her own, and probably has a few more years before she’s in the running to nab a top spot in the McAfee index.
  • Brad Pitt - (tied with Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams)
    Pitt’s performance on the McAfee list of most dangerous celebrities to search has been notoriously hard to predict. He came out strong in 2008, finishing in first place, only to fall to last place the following year. In 2010 he managed to fight his way to a respectable 5th place ranking, but came in dead last, again, this year. Cyber-criminals just can’t seem to make up their minds on whether we like searching for him or not. Or it might just be that everyone’s still reeling from last year’s Fu Manchu.

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