Why You Should Buy An iPhone Not Android…

Published on May 9, 2012 by in Social, Technology
iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4

iPhone 2g, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (Photo credit: reticulating)

For about five years now, the question for smartphone buyers has been a classic either/or: “Android or iPhone?” Answering that question is more difficult than ever, thanks to large advances in Android, as well as the emergence of a third viable option: Microsoft’s beautiful Windows Phone OS.

This week, we’ll attempt to break down your three options, looking at each operating system’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. Which one you choose should depend largely on how you use your phone.

For the first part of this comparison, let’s look at the iPhone and the iOS operating system. The most oft-repeated (and spot-on) description of the iPhone and its operating system is that Apple knows what you want and gives it to you and doesn’t let you change it; you can’t really alter or customize the experience because — well, why would you want to?

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Apple’s Note For New Hires: ‘People Don’t Come Here To Play It Safe’

Published on May 8, 2012 by in Social, Technology
Apple Inc. New Headquarters

Apple Inc. New Headquarters (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

The Apple inspirational note left of the desk of Instagram user “M” and discovered by New York Times columnist Nick Bilton, sums what it means to be an Apple employee.

Basically, “Team Apple! F**k yeah!”

The Instagrammer who posted the photo of the note included these words: “What greets you on your first day at Apple. I’ve had this taped to my dresser for two years. Words to live by.”

The letter left on the desk of new Apple hires reads as follows, according to “M’s” image:

There’s work and there’s your life’s work.

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Google’s Latest Social Networking Attempt Is A Big Failure

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

The technology has got advanced to a great extent, even; social networking phones are running on a fuel cell. But the main competition is in the field of social media network of goggle. There have been a lot of speculations that users made regarding Google’s social network known as Google Plus. With its rapid growth which surpassed other networks by 25 million in just a month, by far surpassing the growth of huge social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have achieved in their past years, it has shocked the entire online community and has even posed as a threat for the existing social media giants. However, true the figure is, it is still not enough. Google+ was still unable to draw in a huge number of followings and keep them intact in the network unlike what its giant competitors did. Google+ indeed has some unique features such as their “Hangouts” feature and other video conferencing tools which can’t be seen within any other social networks. In fact, these are truly impressive but the point here is how come that Google’s latest social networking attempt is a big failure?

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YouTube Announces Google AdWords For Video

YouTube - snapshot

YouTube – snapshot (Photo credit: tarop)

From the Dollar Shave Club to the taxidermy mastery of Chuck Testa, YouTube has shown itself to be an indispensable tool for businesses with creative campaigns to market themselves. Yet, until now, YouTube lacked the insightful and statistics-heavy tools that many brands use on sites like Facebook for evaluating their advertising campaigns. In a blog post on the YouTube blog, Baljeet Singh, a group product manager for YouTube, has introduced Google AdWords for video.

“With a global audience of 800 million monthly visitors to YouTube, every day can feel like you’re advertising in the Super Bowl, and one video can launch a business,”Singh wrote in the post.

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Anonymous Makes The TIME 100 2012 List

Anonymous Español: Anonymous

Looks like TIME isn’t a big fan of Anonymous.

The loose-knit hacker group ended up in the number 36 spot on TIME’S 100 Most Influential People list, released on April 18, even though the group had been voted to first place on TIME’s online reader poll.

As of 5 p.m. ET on Friday, April 6, the hacker-activist collective beat out all other nominees with 395,793 votes in favor of its inclusion on the TIME 100 list. Jeremy Lin, who came in ninth on the poll, snagged TIME’s top honor on the official list.

So why did the TIME editors chose to place the hacker group at such a low spot on the list considering how high Anonymous placed in public polling and its widely publicized cyberattacks (to name just a few: striking government websites around the world in Tunisia, Algeria Zimbabwe, China, the United States and elsewhere; crashing the CIA’s public site; and, more recently, intercepting an FBI conference call and posting it online).

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The Most Click-Worthy Types of Blog Posts

Published on April 18, 2012 by in Technology

mappa_blog (Photo credit: francescopozzi)

Whether you blog for a hobby or blog for business/professional purposes…more likely than not one of your main goals is to get your word out there and draw as much traffic as you can to your posts. So if you are new to the blogosphere or maybe have found yourself in a bit of a blogging rut, be sure to check out the following basic types of blog ideas so that you can get to composing your most click-worthy posts yet:

  • Round-up Posts –  This type of blog post is one of the most popular kinds found on the internet—and the good news is that they are some of the simplest to create! Round-up your content into a list that outlines, “The Top 10 Reasons…,” “The 7 Least Likely Places…,” or “The 100 Best of…”—you get the idea here, the possibilities are endless!
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