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5 Barter Sites to Swap Your Stuff

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Post from Mashable authered by Todd Wasserman.

The stock market might be on an up-and-down rollercoaster ride, but one type of startup that’s currently on the rise is barter sites — online operations where people can reuse, recycle or trade goods and services. Whether that has more to do with tighter family budgets or a trend toward greener purchases, a new-ish wave of entrepreneurs and philanthropists are attempting to exploit the apparent opportunity by launching sites where consumers can either trade their stuff for other things, get rid of unwanted items without clogging landfills, exchange their goods for money or do a little bit of each.

Of course, Craigslist has long existed as a hub for this type of activity and eBay is a great place to unload your stuff for cash. But Craigslist has a fair amount of baggage attached to it, in part because of its use as a resource for prostitutes and johns, and eBay usually requires shipping, which means you’ll get less for items than you could otherwise.

New barter sites, many with an emphasis on establishing local economies, address both concerns. In some cases, these sites are non-profits and aim to help the environment and help consumers save money. In other instances, the goal is to make money. Whatever the motivation, if you’re a consumer interested in exploring the barter economy, here are a few sites to consider:

  1. Pawngo
  2. Thredup
  4. U-Exchange
  5. Freecycle
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