Old Version of Twitter to Be Eliminated “Very, Very Soon”

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Nine months after the launch of New Twitter, the social media company is letting users know that the old version of Twitter will be completely eliminated “very, very soon.”

The old version of Twitter always asked users to switch to the new version of Twitter, but today the message was changed, and it’s more urgent. “You will automatically be upgraded to New Twitter very, very soon,” the top of Old Twitter now reads. The color of the top bar has also been changed to yellow as an alert to users.

We’re not sure what Twitter means by “very,very soon” — it could be days or even weeks until Twitter flips the switch (we’ve emailed the Twitter for comment). However, it’s clear that Twitter is finally ready to eliminate the old version of Twitter altogether and bring everybody into the new design.

Some users are complaining about the change, but it seems to be a very small minority of Twitters 100+ million users.

Frankly, we’re surprised it took Twitter this long to make the switch permanent. The social media company launched the new version of Twitter more than nine months ago though. That’s more than enough time to introduce users to a new interface. It could be a technical issue, though; the social website did revert to the old interface after a bad code commit forced the company to take down New Twitter for several hours.

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