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Randi Zuckerberg Leaves Facebook to Start New Social Media Firm (Resignation Letter)

Published by pratyushkp on August 4th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Image by eirikso via Flickr

Randi Zuckerberg, who is director of marketing at Facebook and also the sister of CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg — is leaving the company after six years to start a new media firm to help companies become more social.

In her resignation letter, which is below in its entirety, Zuckerberg said:

“I have spent my years at Facebook pouring my heart and soul into innovating and pushing the media industry forward by introducing new concepts around live, social, participatory viewing that the media industry has since adopted. We have made incredible progress, but there is still much to be done and other ways I can affect change. Now is the perfect time for me to move outside of Facebook to build a company focused on the exciting trends underway in the media industry.”

Amazon Starts AmazonLocal Online Deals Site

Published by pratyushkp on August 3rd, 2011 - in Social, Technology

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Online retailer is trying to become a bigger player in the mushrooming market for online deals with the launch of a website that offers large discounts on local goods and services.

AmazonLocal deals, which launched in Boise, Idaho, in June, is now also available in 14 different places, including Chicago and several parts of southern California and Washington (naturally, Inc.’s hometown of Seattle made the cut).

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LinkedIn Launches Personalised News Aggregator

Published by pratyushkp on April 24th, 2011 - in Social, Technology
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Uses your profile information to give you news relevant to your profession

LinkedIn unveiled its brand new service  LinkedIn Today at a press conference today in California. The new service is a news aggregator that uses your LinkedIn account information to generate a feed of relevant news stories.  The service uses an algorithm to analyze the details in your profile to determine the kind of stories that would be conducive to your profession.

The service also allows news stories to be flagged in either from LinkedIn or from Twitter for those who have linked their Twitter accounts with LinkedIn. A similar effort is under way to incorporate Facebook likes to flag stories in a similar manner, but no immediate Facebook support is available at the moment. There’s also a plan to place LinkedIn share buttons on major news websites. LinkedIn’s iPhone app will also get Today service.

Check out the screenshot to see how the top story slideshow looks like. As expected the stories are relevant to your industry, so a tech journalist will get geeky feeds while someone more politically inclined will be have his feed full of scams and the likes. The stories get the typical LinkedIn networking tweak by displaying who shared the story and along with “Sections” of the main being created from each users’ LinkedIn profiles. You can add news stories from other fields as well.

LinkedIn Today seems to be more than a mere aggregator. It’s smart algorithm based feed uses your professional details to provide relevant news and also adds a social twist to the mix by letting professionals interact by sharing news stories, leading to conversations, contacts and hence job/business opportunities.

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Google Tests Driver-Less Car

Published by pratyushkp on October 12th, 2010 - in Social, Technology

Google is testing a car that drives itself automatically in traffic.

Search engine Google is all set to go places with a car that it has developed, which drives itself automatically in traffic.

Google has been testing a car, on the roads of California, which can steer, stop and start without a driver. The car comes attached with video cameras on the roof, along with radar sensors and a laser range finder to see other traffic.

The car has covered 140,000 miles and was accompanied by a engineer in the driver’s seat who was ready to take control of the vehicle instantly by grabbing the wheel or touch the brake should something go wrong with the system. The car so far has witnessed only one accident, when one of the cars was rear-ended by a driver at a stop light.

The car is aimed at preventing traffic accidents, free up people’s time and reduces carbon emissions

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