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If you have a website, there is a very good chance that it is brought to the web by WordPress.  In fact, it is estimated that 14% of the web’s space is comprised of WordPress sites, with WordPress 3.2 having been downloaded over 12.5M times!  The highly anticipated 3.3 version is rumored to hit the web early next week.  A week too early to attribute to Santa, but here are a few updates we expect to find this holiday season.

  •  Admin Bar:  There will be a new ‘My Sites’ menu in the Admin Bar that’ll grant you access to the Network Admin with all of the sites that you access.
  • HTML5 Conversion: Going in this direction is going to keep things up to date and compatible for current trends and future developments.   It’s not a drastic change in features, it’s just going to make sure that WordPress is keeping up with the times and isn’t going to lag behind as the web develops.
  • Media Uploader: Drag and Drop! Whoa! WordPress is finally going to have a drag and drop, just like with a Mac OS.  WordPress has talked about doing this before, but it actually calls for a pretty hefty rewrite.  By this time next month you could be dragging things to the ‘drop zone’ in WordPress all day long!
  • Tumblr Importer: There is now a one-click plugin for moving Tumblrs into WordPress. It’s going to be so easy to use.
  • jQuary UI: For WordPress 3.3, jQuery 1.7.1 will be backwards compatible with jQuary 1.6.1, and jQuary UI1.8.12 will be updated in WordPress 3.3 to jQuary 1.8.16.
  • WordPress Editor: WP editor can be accessed from anywhere now. Even plugins can access links to upload files.


These are just a few of the tweaks expected with the new version.  If you’re like most people who use WordPress for their websites, you’ll find these new changes are responses to the needs of the users.  Make full use of the new technology and enjoy!

Author’s Bio:  Ryan is a staff writer with the Blog Content Guild.  He just got a new laptop with a Dell Coupon for the holidays.

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