Internet Explorer 9 Final May Release on March 16


Beauty of the Web event hinting at something major related to IE9

Last week, Microsoft rolled out the first Release Candidate of Internet Explorer 9 web browser. Apparently, the software giant is gearing up for the web browser war that seems to be heating up slowly. Neowin reported about a media invite being sent out about Microsoft holding Beauty of the Web event, again. Microsoft’s IE9 team would be hosting the event so we certainly anticipate IE9 final announcement. Microsoft held IE9 Beta announcement event with the same name – Beauty of the Web in September 2010.

Co-incidentally, Mozilla is also expected to release the Firefox 4.0 final version in March. Today, Google Chrome 10 matured to Beta stage and version 11.10 developer build was released. Yes, there’s no end to new versions of desktop web browsers.

We shall wait till March 14 to see if Microsoft will announce IE9 final or some eye-candy feature related to the same.

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