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Google Start Charging on Google Maps

Starting in January, Google will begin charging businesses for using the Google Maps link on their websites. According to Apple Insider, the company says the charge will only affect .35% of users as websites won’t be charged until they get 25,000 Google Maps clicks in one 24-hour period. After they’ve reached this quota, businesses will be

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Google Maps Adds Google+ Snippets

Google Maps is adding a new feature that will tie the product more closely to the company’s social network, Google+. The feature, called +snippets, lets users share data from Google Maps using an extension of the +1 sharing button. Google rolled out snippets in August and explained how they work in a post on the Google

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Track Santa Claus With Google Maps

Published by in Social, Technology on December 27th, 2010

Santa Claus is a character that always crosses our minds when we think of Christmas. But everyone knows he is a fictional character who is used for adding joy by giving gifts. no one so far has really tracked him on Christmas. But today this is possible at which enables users to track the

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