Google Launching Photovine, A Social Photo Sharing Service

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Google has launched a teaser site and invitation request form for Photovine, its newest entry into the social media game (you may have heard it launched a Facebook competitor that is in high demand so far).

Details on the Photovine landing page are scant, but it appears that it will work something like this:
1. You take a photo on your smartphone and upload it onto Photovine.
2. You give the photo a caption. Anyone can see the photo and the caption.
3. Other Photovine users respond to your photo with their own photo with the same caption.
4. Friends are made and a good time is had by all.

The example given in the short promotional Photovine video plays with the phrase “warm and fuzzy.” The narrative arc: A young, good-looking woman takes a picture of her fluffy little puppy and uploads it to Photovine. A young, good-looking couple in New York City sees the puppy and respond with a picture of themselves having a fun picnic. A young, good-looking woman in a bikini responds to that by taking a picture of a fat guy with a hairy chest. All of these things are “warm and fuzzy.”

The app’s official description on the iTunes App Store reads as follow:

Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before. It all starts with what we call a photovine: a group of photos around a single, shared caption. Start a new vine with a photo and caption of your own or add your photo/take on someone else’s vine.

Get it? Now you’re ready to “plant a photo on Photovine.” If, that is, you are on the iPhone and not an Android phone. And also if you can get an invitation.

Check out a screenshot of the app, plus the aforementioned video (below).

LOOK: A screenshot of the Photovine iPhone app

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