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Fired IT manager hacks into CEO’s presentation, replaces it with porn

Published by pratyushkp on June 23rd, 2011 - in Social, Technology
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Imagine you’re giving a presentation to the board of directors at your company. You have your PowerPoint slides all ready, you’re projecting onto a 64 inch screen… what could possibly go wrong?

Well, what would you do if your carefully composed presentation was replaced on the big screen by images of a naked woman? My guess is that you wouldn’t know where to put your laser pointer..

52-year-old Walter Powell used to be an IT manager at Baltimore Substance Abuse System Inc, until he was fired in 2009. Clearly someone who believed that revenge should be served red hot, Powell used his computer knowledge to hack into his former employer’s systems from his home and install keylogging software to steal passwords.

Microsoft India Launches Office Web Apps

Published by pratyushkp on February 9th, 2011 - in Social, Technology

Access, edit Microsoft Office docs from anywhere

Microsoft Office Web Apps has been launched in India. Web Apps is Microsoft’s equivalent of Google Docs, which lets users create, access, edit, and share documents from the Office suite, which includes Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote, from any PC equipped with an Internet connection. The best part is that the service is absolutely free.

“Office Web Apps are a key piece of Microsoft’s overall cloud strategy. Features like ease of sharing and high document fidelity make Office Web Apps a powerful enabler of productivity in the cloud for modern information workers and consumers alike. Moreover, this tool helps students collaborate on their school and college projects in a seamless way,” said Sanjay Manchanda, Director, Microsoft Business Division.

All you need to run Office Web Apps is a Windows Live ID on SkyDrive or Hotmail to access Microsoft Office Web Apps from any of the supported web browsers like Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or later, Google Chrome and Safari 4. The documents ported to and fro retain their style, formatting, embedded objects like images, and other meta objects. Office Web Apps is a boon for creating and maintaining collaborative documents, and features interoperability between the PC and Mac platforms.

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