This g1rl must be Out of her Mind – Facebook scam spreading quickly

In a continuance of a trend we have been seeing the last few weeks, a new Facebook scam using a sexually suggestive thumbnail is spreading like wildfire.

The scam is currently spreading on people’s walls using the title “This g1rl must be Out of her Mind but also a Genious for making This v1deo! – After they took her life away she decided to do genious revenge!” and “This woman must be really nuts but also a Genious for making This video! – They decided to ruin her life but she decided to hit them back!”

Since Facebook implemented their partnership with Web of Trust back in March, it appears the con artists are changing their URLs more frequently to prevent WoT from detecting the threat and warning users.

In the past 90 minutes, I have seen this scam use youpube-dot-info, youmube-dot-info and www.grimvh-dot-info. These URLs will likely be dormant by the time you read this and replaced with another set pointing at identical scams.

If you click on the post you are presented with the “Verify you are human” or “Are you older than 13 years of age? Click ‘Jaa’ button 2x to confirm and play video” popup screens. This leads you to a Facebook share dialog in Finnish where clicking “Jaa” means Share.

If you click Jaa twice you are ultimately led to a survey where the fraudsters earn a commission for every user who succumbs to the temptation of seeing the sexy video.

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