A spider under the skin? It’s a Facebook survey scam

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Everyone knows that a fear of spiders is arachnophobia.

Maybe it’s time that we had an official word for a dislike of Facebook survey scams too? There are certainly plenty of people over on the Naked Security page on Facebook who are fed to the back teeth with the scams that spread virally across the social network, tricking users into taking surveys and earning the scammers money.

Here’s the latest – which claims to be a disgusting video of a spider under someone’s skin.

A spider under the skin!
Omg so disgusting :s

Clicking on the link takes you to a webpage which pretends that it is about to show you the video, but insists that you verify your age first.

However, clicking “Jaa” doesn’t confirm your age at all. It actually shares the message about the spider with your other Facebook friends (“Jaa” is the Finnish word for “Share”, and there has been a trend lately with survey scams to use this subterfuge).

If you make the mistake of sharing the link with your online pals, you will then be taken to a survey, overlaid over a pretend YouTube page.

The scammers earn commission for each survey completed, but they don’t want to tell you that as it may make you more reluctant to participate. Instead they fraudulently pretend that it is a YouTube age verification dialog.

If you got hit by this scam, make sure you have removed the entries from your news feed (to stop them being shared amongst your friends) and check your profile has not any unwanted “Likes” under your “Likes and interests”.

Source :- http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com

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