Does Google Intend to Plunge into E-book Business?

Acquires eBook Technologies Inc.

The search behemoth Google has acquired eBook Technologies Inc., which is a relatively new company involved in e-book related technology. The obvious conclusion is that the takeover spells Google’s intention to get into the e-Book reader fray. What’s open to conjecture is how? It may go through the hardware route like the Kindle, with its own e-book reader, but that’s highly unlikely since Google hasn’t historically shown any leaning towards the hardware aspect of the business.

If you consider the history of eBook Technologies, the company has been credited with designing two e-book readers – one with color screen and one with E-Ink screen – along with the allied software meant to be deployed with the e-book readers. So nothing conclusive really comes out of the legacy of the company, since it has both software and hardware know-how.

However, this quote from a Google spokesperson pretty much clears that up, “We are happy to welcome eBook Technologies’ team to Google. Together, we hope to deliver richer reading experiences on tablets, electronic readers and other portable devices.”

So it’s more likely that we’re looking at a possible integration of the know-how from the newly acquired company into Google’s existing services, or an altogether new e-book specific service of its own. The search giant may even use this knowledge base to integrate a dedicated e-book platform into its ever popular Android platform. Only time will tell what plans Google has in store for e-books.

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