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Facebook More Popular Than Any Other Website

Published by in Social, Technology on September 13th, 2011

The Web has a winner: Facebook. According to new research from Nielsen’s “The Social Media Report,” American Internet users now devote more time to Facebook than any other website, spending a total of 53.5 billion minutes a month on the world’s largest social networking site. This is far ahead of sites like Blogger, to which

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7 Things Facebook Should Do To Increase Security

Post from mashable authored by Eugene Kaspersky Eugene Kaspersky is CEO of Kaspersky Lab, the company he co-founded in 1997, which is now the world’s largest, privately-held anti-malware company. You can follow him on Twitter @e_kaspersky and his blog at For the past seven years we have seen how Facebook has dramatically changed the way

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Google: The First Web Company To Hit 1 Billion Users

Google: 1 billion served, monthly. Google has reached an unprecedented milestone as the world’s first Internet company to claim over 1 billion unique users in a single month on its websites. According to data from comScore, during the month of May, Google-owned websites, including its search engine, email service Gmail, and video-sharing site YouTube, among

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